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1 September 2021

USB-C hubs for MacBook and iPad Pro: Twelve South StayGo and StayGo Mini

Which USB-C hub is the right one depends entirely on the connections required. That's why we regularly introduce you to a few models here in the blog. Today it's the Twelve South StayGo and [...]
20 August 2021

This is how children can learn to code

Smartphones, apps, Internet of Things, streaming, social media - none of this is a dream of the future, it is the reality of our lives. In addition to the World Wide Web, computers and everything else that serves as a foundation for the "new" offers, [...]
18 August 2021

eMeet M2 Conference Speakers: Summarized Ratings and Reviews

The eMeet M2 conference loudspeaker, which can be used via Bluetooth and cable, has four microphones and a 360 ° loudspeaker. Recommended for meetings with up to 10 participants on site, the conference loudspeaker can be used in the office, in the [...]
16 August 2021

Satechi USB-C hub for iMac and iMac Pro with Thunderbolt 3

If you use an Apple iMac (2017 to 2020) or the Apple iMac Pro (2017), you might be missing a few connections. With the Satechi USB-C hub you can change that to save space. Not only does the junction box [...]
2 August 2021
What is the MAC address?

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is the unique identification number that every device on a network has. It consists of 48 bits and can be used to differentiate between devices on different networks, such as Bluetooth or WiFi. The […]
1 August 2021 login logo login

Millions of people have trusted the login for over 20 years, which offers a reliable e-mail service that can be reached from any device and is protected against viruses. The diverse functions, such as an integrated [...]
22 July 2021

Ozone Generator - Everything you need to know about these devices

An ozone generator is used to produce ozone, which is supposed to help kill bacteria and fungi, among other things. In addition to this disinfecting effect, ozone generators are also used to get rid of odors - something in used cars, in hotel rooms or in [...]
19 July 2021

Blink Mini - inexpensive surveillance camera for only 27,99 euros

The surveillance camera Blink Mini from Amazon not only offers 1080p resolution, but is currently available for 27,99 euros. The price is actually 39,99 euros, but the discount of [...]
8 July 2021

Pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED model: Amazon pages are ready

Earlier this week, Nintendo unveiled the latest revision of its current console, the Nintendo Switch OLED model. This shines above all with the new, larger display, but also with a direct LAN connection to the TV station. Further […]
8 July 2021

Nintendo Switch OLED Model FAQ - 9 Console Questions and Answers

The video game manufacturer Nintendo has introduced a new version of its current console, the Nintendo Switch OLED model. Technical details, pictures and the trailer can be found in yesterday's post. Today I'll answer a few questions about [...]