Technology contributions from A to Z

31 May 2021

N64 controller with USB plug - Pick of the week in CW 22

In January I already presented you with an N64 controller with a USB connection, which is intended for the Apple Mac and Windows PCs. Furthermore, it should work on the Nintendo Switch. I found that interesting [...]
31 May 2021

New Nintendo Switch Pro - New console listed for a short time

While Apple fans have already noted June 7th as the date for innovations from the technology manufacturer in their calendar, Nintendo fans are waiting impatiently. Because this year an improved version of the Nintendo Switch is to appear, which more [...]
26 May 2021

M1 iMac Teardown - iFixit certifies poor repairability

On April 20, 2021, Apple presented the first iMac with its own ARM chip, the 24-inch model with an M1 SoC and different colors. Now the first devices are also with the users as well as with specialists who [...]
24 May 2021

Anker Nano II Series - mini chargers with USB-C and up to 65 watts

Today, Anker presented a new range of light and handy chargers based on GaN technology. The Anker Nano II Series is called "Powered by GaN II" and USB-C chargers with 30W, [...]
24 May 2021

Why does an Android smartphone slow down over time, but an iPhone doesn't?

When comparing smartphones with the two most widely used operating systems Apple iOS and Google Android, there are many points that can be contrasted. Who does not get a new cell phone with every contract renewal after two years [...]
19 May 2021

eBay, software, casinos: Bitcoin as a means of payment (sponsor)

Bitcoin, probably the best-known crypto currency, is now accepted as a means of payment on a wide variety of websites. In addition to small niche sites, eBay is now also thinking about allowing payments with Bitcoins. In addition to shopping, there is also [...]
16 May 2021
Netflix error code NW-2-5

Netflix error nw-2-5: help with error code nw-2-5

The error code NW-2-5 indicates that Netflix has a problem with the network connection and cannot reach the Netflix service on the internet. Unfortunately, this error message is both frequent and difficult to correct because the [...]
16 May 2021
Why solar power banks are pointless ...

Why power banks with solar cells are total nonsense ...

Testing power banks is one of my favorite things to do when I look at the amount of posts about power banks on my blog. And yes, these small and large energy stores are fascinating and very [...]
14 May 2021

Available from today: Retro-Bit Prism HDMI adapter for the GameCube

If you have a Nintendo GameCube model DOL-001, you can try a new adapter from today to get the best picture on modern flat screens with HDMI connection. Because on these the image of [...]
13 May 2021

Matter - Smart Home Standard of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)

Matter is to serve as a new, manufacturer-independent smart home standard that includes Apple products and offers from other manufacturers in the HomeKit. Matter is developed and managed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), which consists of over 160 companies [...]