Technology contributions from A to Z

13 May 2021

Does the Apple Pencil only work on the iPad or also on other devices?

The Apple Pencil is a good stylus for graphic and note-taking tasks on the iPad and iPad Pro. But can you use the Apple Pencil on an Android tablet or Windows PC with a touchscreen? Is the stylus off [...]
12 May 2021

Instructions: Connect PlayStation and Xbox controllers to Apple devices

You can already read here which gaming controllers are compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV: Game Controllers for Apple TV 4K and Apple Arcade. But how do you couple the gamepads with [...]
11 May 2021

How many years can you use an iPhone before it becomes too slow and unusable?

How many years can you use an iPhone and when does it become too slow for current systems and apps? You might ask yourself this question when purchasing a new one, or rather when buying a [...]
8 May 2021
Leitz stapler made of metal

Leitz metal stapler - my pick of the week in week 19

I rarely buy new office equipment, such as hole punches, staplers and the like. In the entire 22 years that I've been self-employed, I've only bought a new stapler twice. My last […]
6 May 2021

AirTag Developer Mode: Simple insight into the "exact search" function

If you use an Apple AirTag in combination with an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, you can use the U1 chip installed there to start the "exact search" function. This uses the ultra-broadband radio, the camera and [...]
5 May 2021

Reset AirTag: Restore the Apple Tracker to factory settings

If you want to reset an Apple AirTag so that you can set it up again, sell it or give it away, there is a very specific procedure. The step-by-step instructions for resetting AirTags to factory settings can be found in [...]
28 April 2021

InLine Bluetooth transmitter for two pairs of headphones at the same time

Originally developed for aircraft, the Bluetooth adapter and transmitter from InLine also helps in the car, in the office and, last but not least, at home to bring audio signals to the wireless headphones. The highlights are not only [...]
27 April 2021

Soundcore Life Q35: Anker's new over-ear headphones with ANC

With the Soundcore Life Q35, Anker has introduced a new pair of wireless over-ear headphones. These not only offer up to 60 hours of battery life, but also a "gold standard" for audio playback, according to the manufacturer. For this [...]
26 April 2021

Order Apple AirTag on Amazon and receive it faster

The apparently high demand for Apple AirTags has ensured that delivery times in the Apple online shop have become longer and longer. At the moment you have to wait until May for the new Bluetooth trackers to come to your home [...]
22 April 2021

Game controller for Apple TV 4K and Apple Arcade

If you also want to use your 4th generation (5) or 2017th generation (6) Apple TV 2021K for video games from Apple Arcade, you can't avoid a game controller. But which gamepad works [...]