Technology contributions from A to Z

12 January 2021

Tip: Automatic HDMI switch with 4K for Chromecast, Fire TV (stick) and Co.

Do you only have one HDMI connection on the television or do you only want to record one of three automatically recognized sources for reasons of convenience? Then the inexpensive HDMI switch from mrocioa is certainly a practical addition [...]
22 December 2020
LR44 batteries photo

Button cell LR44 - comparison type, data and identical replacement

The designation "LR44" is based on the abbreviation "LR", whereby "L" shows according to the IEC name declaration that it is an alkali-manganese cell. The "R" stands for "round cell" - what we commonly call button cells [...]
22 December 2020

Graphic design - books for introduction, understanding and practice

Graphic design not only means that an image, logo or website idea is beautifully implemented. There are many other considerations about imagery, shape, color, proportions and the like. If you are interested in graphic design, [...]
22 December 2020

Update: What happened to the SwiftUI book?

About a year ago, the blog was about crowdfunding for “Entry into SwiftUI”, the first German-language book on Apple's UI framework. What has become of it? Has the funding target been achieved? And can one [...]
30 November 2020
Recommendation: The Dell U2520D USB-C monitor

Reader recommendation: UltraSharp 25 USB-C Monitor U2520D (25 inch)

As a rule, I rarely hear enthusiastic opinions about monitors. Most of the time it is more of a problem such as “The monitor does not recognize my MacBook Pro” or “The monitor does not come from standby when you wake up your Mac”. [...]
18 November 2020

Senstroke: play the drums with bluetooth sensors and an app

Playing the drums takes up a lot of space and makes a lot of noise? It should be different with Senstroke from Redison. Because the Senstroke sensors are simply mounted on drum sticks, connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and off you go. Without [...]
8 November 2020
Brandson mini socket heating in the test

In the test: Mini socket heater from Brandson

We have had a house since 2019 that still has single glazing and brick walls. The insulation value is correspondingly poor and it becomes so cold in some rooms that are not used that it may be under [...]
9 October 2020

Deduct new office technology for the home office from the tax

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the home office has become a widely discussed topic. Even companies that previously relied exclusively on office work had to switch to this. The conclusion: with the right equipment, work also works from home [...]
14 August 2020 - Smart Home Shop with a special selection

I recently searched for the “Google Nest Wifi” mesh devices and came across the tink shop. After taking a closer look at the online shop, I came to the decision to offer [...]
12 August 2020

Hands-free operation: voice control in the smart home

The so-called "Smart Home" has been a catchphrase for many years now, which is intended to describe a networked and intelligently acting home. Sensors can, for example, measure the temperature, the air quality or the light intensity in the rooms [...]