Technology contributions from A to Z

18 December 2019

Smart Padlock and Keybox 3 - release access via the igloohome app

With igloohome, a new provider of smart padlocks will enter the German market at the end of 2019. With the Smart Padlock, the Keybox 3 and the brand's own app, you can not only lock various entrances, [...]
4 November 2019

eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid - 2-in-1 vacuum robot with wiping function and Smart Dynamic ™

The eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid is a new robot vacuum introduced today with a wiping function and smart dynamic technology. The price of the vacuum cleaner robot with 2.000 Pa suction power is € 269,99. However, you can still meet up until Sunday, [...]
19 October 2019
Now rub the swab as possible over all the different layers of paint in order to test them all.

Detect lead color with the 3M LeadCheck lead test

We are currently renovating our house from 1924. There are many floors and probably also painted areas from the 1950s - that is, from a time when the subject of lead and [...]
4 September 2019

Tesvor T8 - New vacuum and floor mopping robot with remote control and app

There is a new vacuum cleaner robot from the manufacturer Tesvor: the T8. The Tesvor T8 combines smart navigation with a lightweight design and a running time of up to 100 minutes. In addition to the 1.800 Pa suction force, there are two side brushes [...]
30 July 2019
Home surveillance without WiFi

Reader's question: Which camera can I use to monitor a person with dementia?

Today a reader asked which camera I would recommend if she would like to take a look into the kitchen of her mother-in-law, who is suffering from dementia. The aim of the "monitoring" is to ensure that the reader [...]
30 July 2019

Using LineageOS - Nintendo Switch with Android

Use the Nintendo Switch as a tablet and run some kind of Android operating system on it? This is possible with LineageOS, which can be started directly from the microSD memory card. This makes cracking the console unnecessary, so that [...]
22 July 2019

[Update] Connect the power cable - from the luster terminal to the watertight connection sleeve

Carelessness when mowing the lawn, bored cats, hungry rodents, a broken cable or other reasons: sometimes it is necessary to repair a cable. If you want to connect two power cables after removing the damaged piece in between [...]
4 July 2019

Anker eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor - baby monitor with camera

With the eufy brand, the technology manufacturer Anker is currently rolling out some products for the smart home sector. In addition to the brand's recently introduced vacuum cleaner robot, the Anker eufy SpaceView Baby Monitor is now also available in Germany and Austria [...]
27 June 2019

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 - What good is the smart door lock in version 2?

I recently heard a review of the Nuki 2 in the “Bits und so” podcast. For that reason alone, I found out more about the lock, because the Nuki is installed on the door without any structural changes [...]
17 June 2019

New robot vacuum from Anker: eufy RoboVac 11S Max

The technology manufacturer Anker launched the new Max series of RoboVacs in Germany and Austria at the end of last week under the smart home brand "eufy". The first device that can be pre-ordered now and will be available from the end of June 2019, [...]