Technology contributions from A to Z

13 June 2019

Voltcraft measuring device: reliably measure standby power consumption from 1,5 watts

Anyone who reads my test reports knows that I like to measure current and voltage or output power between technical devices and their power sources. With power banks, I do this with a small USB multimeter from PortaPow. With 230 volt consumers, I missed [...]
16 April 2019

Electric compressed air cleaner - the alternative to compressed air from a can

The cleaning of computers and electronics, peripherals, accessories and other objects can be done in different ways. The vacuum cleaner is only useful if no parts of the object to be cleaned can be sucked in. The cleaning [...]
1 April 2019

Alternatives for the Apple AirPower mat: These are my recommendations

Apple has officially discontinued the “AirPower” project, thus dispelling customers' hopes for a charging mat for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. But since the announcement in 2017 there have of course been manufacturers who [...]
5 March 2019

Robot vacuum cleaner test winner: The best at Stiftung Warentest 03/2019

The results of a vacuum cleaner robot test series were published in the current test magazine of Stiftung Warentest. As part of this, the best vacuum robots were selected and graded in various categories such as cleaning, navigation and handling. The top grade on place [...]
28 February 2019

Tri-wing screwdriver for the Nintendo Switch and other consoles

If you are looking for screwdrivers for Nintendo consoles, I have a hot tip for you. Younik offers a tri-wing screwdriver set including other tools and aids on Amazon. The package contains a total of 17 [...]
25 February 2019

Less cable clutter thanks to the cable box

A cable box, or cable collection box, is a practical accessory for the home, the office, the coworking space or your holiday apartment. In the box you will find cables, multiple socket outlets, power packs and even smaller devices such as the battery charger or the mobile phone power pack [...]
4 February 2019

Scart-HDMI adapter - connect old and new hardware

A Scart to HDMI adapter or HDMI to Scart adapter is a great way to connect old devices to the Smart TV or new hardware to the old TV. However, when buying the one to be switched between the individual components [...]
14 January 2019

Bluetooth speaker test 1/2019 by Stiftung Warentest

In the test magazine of Stiftung Warentest there was a new Bluetooth loudspeaker test that delivered interesting results for popular brand models. While some loudspeakers with Bluetooth connectivity have a long battery life, low weight and robust construction for mobile [...]
19 December 2018
The tizi tank nozzle is a charging cable for Braun shavers and epilators (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: tizi tank trunk - USB charging cable for Braun electric shavers and epilators

Today a parcel from Equinux arrived with a small adapter cable with the cute name "tizi tank trunk". In detail, this is a charging cable with a USB connection, which has a plug on the other side, [...]
19 December 2018

LED TV simulator - fake TVs as protection against break-ins

With an LED TV simulator, you can simulate the light of a television in an energy-saving manner in your absence, so that possible intruders think that someone is at home. Such a fake television set as burglar protection is cheap, has low consumption thanks to LEDs [...]