Technology contributions from A to Z

17 December 2018

LED fairy lights with battery - a selection

If you are looking for an LED light chain with battery or accumulator for Christmas, New Year's Eve or generally for winter, then I have something for you. Fairy lights with energy-saving LEDs are wonderfully suited to [...]
7 November 2018
Electric LED tea lights in a practical test - what good are the rechargeable candles?

In the test: rechargeable LED tea lights with a battery in a set of 12

Some time ago I had a blog post about LED tea lights with timers, in which I presented the best models from Amazon. Now, shortly before Halloween, the time had come for me to [...]
1 November 2018
Watch batteries for the common models and manufacturers

Buy watch batteries - the most popular models and manufacturers

The term "watch battery" basically means a normal button cell that is built into the wristwatch. You can quickly see why these batteries are called "button cells" by their flat and round design. Most wristwatches [...]
16 October 2018

Parce Plus - WiFi adapter for the socket with HomeKit

Parce Plus is the name of a WLAN socket or an adapter for the socket that you can use to control the connected device via HomeKit via the Apple Home app and Siri. This is also [...]
4 October 2018

homee - merging smart home systems with one device

homee is the name of a small, cube-shaped piece of hardware from Codeatelier GmbH from Güglingen in Baden-Württemberg. The company, which offers software development, app design, smart home solutions and other services, has with homee a device for private users and companies on [...]
17 September 2018

Smart Koogeek socket strip with three Schuko sockets and USB ports

The Koogeek socket strip from the “Smart Plug” product series is not a new product, but has been sold out time and again since its market launch. At the moment, however, it looks as if the warehouse at Amazon and Co. [...]
4 September 2018

Cable management at the desk - the best solutions

The Apple Mac, the iMac and the MacBook (Pro) are designed for productivity and can be wirelessly equipped with peripherals using Magic Mouse, Trackpad and Apple keyboards. However, in addition to power supply, printer, [...]
3 August 2018

Nanoleaf Canvas will be presented at IFA 2018

At this year's International Consumer Electronics Fair, IFA 2018, from August 31 to September 5, some exciting technologies and products will again be on display in Berlin. The manufacturer Nanoleaf, who for its light panels [...]
1 August 2018
Buy G13 LED neon tubes

G13 LED bulbs - the best choice according to Stiftung Warentest and Amazon customer reviews

For some time now, there have also been LED lamps for lamps into which fluorescent tubes (so-called neon tubes) are turned. Which of the G13 LED lamps currently on the market performed well in the test by Stiftung Warentest [...]
31 July 2018

FRITZ! Box routers that are compatible with 35b supervectoring

The 35b supervectoring is a new type of DSL vectoring, with which up to 300 Mbit / s in the download and up to 50 Mbit / s in the upload can be achieved. What is hidden behind the name, which FRITZ-Box [...]