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12 January 2018
The Koogeek comes with nice packaging and instructions, which are actually unnecessary if you've already added a Homekit device to the Home app in your life.

[Update] My experiences: Koogeek WLAN socket with HomeKit support in the test

A few months ago, the manufacturer Koogeek gave me their WLAN socket called "Koogeek Smart Plug" for a test. Since then I have used them in various rooms to fix floor lamps, air filters [...]
18 December 2017

Over 35% discount on AUKEY last-minute Christmas gifts: Only today and tomorrow!

Since yesterday and only until tomorrow, December 19, 2017, AUKEY has been offering various products in its Amazon shop, some with discounts of more than 35%. This is how you can secure last-minute Christmas presents for Christmas 2017, which [...]
15 December 2017

Equinux tizi tank station: now with 75 watts, 1x USB-C PD and 3x USB-A

The tizi petrol station or petrol station from Equinux has been and is a topic here in the blog several times. It is a multiple charger for the socket, which, depending on the version, offers different connections and charging capacities. The […]
5 December 2017
Xiaomi Mi Mijia vacuum cleaner buy Amazon GearBest order

Test: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In the test of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum vacuum cleaner robot from China, some advantages and disadvantages have been shown that I do not want to withhold from you. So that you can get an idea of ​​this robot vacuum cleaner, I have [...]
4 December 2017
AUKEY PA-S12 mains charger reviews, test report, experiences

Test: AUKEY PA-S12 mains charger with Schuko socket, 4 x USB-A and 16A

You can get the AUKEY PA-S12 mains charger with Schuko socket, 4 x USB-A and a total of 16A charging current from Amazon for only 19,99 EUR. 5V and 2,4A can be supplied per USB port. Overall, the four [...]
29 November 2017
Buy cat flaps with RFID chip, cat microchip flap for door, window, wall

Cat flaps with RFID chip

A cat flap in the door, window or wall ensures that the cat can get in or out of the house without human intervention. With normal cat flaps without a sensor this applies to all cats, not just to [...]
23 November 2017
Test report AUKEY desk lamp with LED and USB

Test: AUKEY LT-ST20 - LED desk lamp with USB charging port

If you are looking for a space-saving desk lamp with a "different" design and are not averse to modern features such as a USB port, then I can recommend the AUKEY LT-ST20. I have this […]
21 November 2017
egg power station socket strip buy design

EGG Electronics PowerStation: 15 x Euro plugs & 2 x USB in the smallest of spaces

Are you looking for a multiple socket, you want something other than a power strip / socket strip that cannot be properly inserted anywhere in the office, living room or kitchen? Then the EGG Electronics PowerStation could be the right one for [...]
14 November 2017

Test: AUKEY LT-ST23 - RGB LED bedside lamp with rechargeable battery

Are you looking for an RGB LED lamp with rechargeable battery, color change, warm white, cold white and a touch-sensitive field for dimming the light with a haptic experience at the same time? Then I can recommend the AUKEY LT-ST23 to you. I [...]
5 October 2017
Inadequately protected security cameras are an Eldorado for criminals, burglars and identity theft

Insecure IP cameras: tap into surveillance cameras in the browser

There are countless IP cameras, surveillance systems that can be integrated into the WLAN, and similar technology on the market that can easily be hacked if insufficiently secured. In the 21/2017 issue, ComputerBILD has some unsafe manufacturers and models [...]