Technology contributions from A to Z

22 September 2017

Canary Flex: wireless, battery-operated, weatherproof HD surveillance camera

The Canary Flex, the relatively new surveillance camera from Canary, should be robust outside and elegant inside. It can detect movements outside and inside, either with a mains connection or wirelessly thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, videos in [...]
11 September 2017

USB 3.0 device interferes with WLAN and DECT

The fact that a USB 3.0 device or a corresponding cable disrupts radio traffic in a WLAN network or reduces the voice quality of DECT devices (radio telephones) is not that common, but the problem is well known. Not only in [...]
1 September 2017
My test setup: RoyPow voltage converter, USB multimeter, USB load resistor and a car USB charger.

In the test: RoyPow voltage converter 230V to 12V / 10A with cigarette lighter socket

As you know, I aim to post a few product reviews on my blog every now and then. Since I recently bought some car chargers and similar gadgets for the cigarette lighter socket in my car [...]
20 August 2017

HOOVER Ultra Vortex: Mite and Mattress Vacuum Cleaner & Customer Reviews

According to customer ratings at Amazon, the HOOVER Ultra Vortex mattress vacuum cleaner and mite vacuum cleaner is a very good device for removing mites, skin flakes and other small particles from the bed. Because there are badly [...]
18 August 2017
Mobile power supply for electrical devices with 220V or 230V and 50 Hz. Alternative to power generator, power banks with Schuko

Battery socket: The best 220V / 230V power banks in comparison

A so-called battery socket as a mobile power supply with a connection for power plugs that draw 220V or 230V, as well as with USB connections, USB-C ports and the like, there are now some. Four of these power banks, which you can call mobile [...]
28 July 2017

Xiaomi Mi Robot: robot vacuum cleaner with app control

If you are interested in a vacuum cleaner robot, also called Robot Vacuum, then the Xiaomi Mi Robot might be right for you. It does well in tests and it also has [...]
25 July 2017
Apple Home Kit Socket Adapter Radio control of the power supply

HomeKit socket: Control and monitoring of power sources in the smart home

In the smart home, electrical devices and systems in particular should be able to be controlled and monitored using smartphones, tablets, voice control and the like. With a HomeKit socket, you can also connect devices that are not for the Internet of Things [...]
10 July 2017

Koogeek WLAN light bulb for the Smart Home with Apple HomeKit and Siri

Since the beginning of the month you have been getting the smart Koogeek E27 WLAN lightbulb with the designation PWM6411651403961EO on Amazon, which works via WLAN directly without a bridge with the Apple HomeKit and Siri. The control of the new [...]
5 July 2017

Nest Protect 2 smoke alarms - all advantages and disadvantages at a glance

The Nest Protect 2 smoke detector is a networked smoke and carbon monoxide detector that ensures security in the smart home via WiFi and mesh network. With the Nest app, the smoke detector can also be operated on the Android [...]
19 June 2017
VOSO plasma lighter in the test

VOSO plasma lighter with double arc in the test

I have to say, I really love these little USB lighters. Even though I'm neither a smoker nor a pyromaniac. But a penchant for lighters can certainly somehow be traced back to men with the [...]