Technology contributions from A to Z

15 June 2017

AVM FRITZ! Box 7590 High-End WLAN AC + N Router (DSL / VDSL)

The AVM FRITZ! Box 7590 High-End WLAN AC + N Router, or simply FRITZ! Box 7590 for short, is a device with extensive compatibility in addition to the new cable router FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable from AVM. For example […]
15 June 2017

AVM FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable WLAN AC + N Router (cable)

With the FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable, AVM recently launched a powerful and multifunctional cable router that leaves little to be desired. If you don't just have cable internet and telephony, but a decent home network with various [...]
1 June 2017

Mattress vacuums and mite vacuums: test opinion and tips

Mattress vacuums or mite vacuums are intended to vacuum the mattress and rid it of mites, mite excrement, flakes of skin, hair, lint and so on. Some mite vacuums have a special feature: in addition to special nozzles and an extra setting [...]
29 May 2017

Zapping passports: RFID chip, data acquisition and should you address it?

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC or C3) recently commented on the personal data, biometric images and the like stored on the RFID chip from [...] in a post called Today without biometrics: Passport "well done"
24 April 2017
Photo: drying clothes energy-saving and pretty

The best heat pump dryers in energy efficiency class A +++ (test winner)

When looking for a new tumble dryer, I was informed and informed in many directions. Because just like with a television, the selection of the right dryer should be considered and ideally with [...]
17 April 2017
AEG Lavatherm TÖKO +++ IH

AEG Lavatherm TÖKO +++ IH heat pump dryer A +++

The AEG Lavatherm TÖKO +++ IH heat pump dryer with the energy efficiency class A +++ is one of the dryers offered on Amazon as approved by Stiftung Warentest as good. The AEG heat pump dryer should be described in more detail here, so that your [...]
16 April 2017

Bosch WTW875W0 series 8 heat pump dryer A +++

The Bosch WTW875W0 Series 8 heat pump dryer with energy efficiency A +++ is one of the dryers that Amazon provided with the notice that the Stiftung Warentest found it "good". The dryer, which has been in the range since 2015 [...]
15 April 2017

Beko DPU 7306 XE heat pump dryer A +++

The Beko DPU 7306 XE heat pump dryer with the energy efficiency class A +++ was awarded the grade “good” by Stiftung Warentest. In this post I would like to briefly introduce you to the Beko heat pump dryer and the differences [...]
10 April 2017
There are different types of emergency wristbands. Which one you want to use depends on the application.

Emergency bracelet: SOS bracelet for children, seniors and many other users

Since the readership of this blog is diverse and ranges from seniors over 70 years of age to parents with small children, the topic of emergency wristbands or SOS wristbands should be addressed in this article. It is true that [...]
31 March 2017
Smarthome security security August smart door lock unsafe

Safe and unsafe: Smart Home door lock for Alexa and Siri from August (or other manufacturer)

Smart home security. It sounds a bit like an education course in kindergarten: you have to make sure that Alexa and Siri don't incite August to open the door to strangers. However, with these names [...]