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28 March 2017
iLuv Rainbow App HomeKit Home App Apple Rainbow 8 LED

iLuv Rainbow 8: LED bulb with HomeKit support and direct WLAN integration

The iLuv Rainbow 8 LED lightbulb is a light source for E27 sockets that was presented in the middle of the month. With 800 lumens it has about the power of a 60 watt lightbulb - but with WLAN integration, compatibility with the [...]
21 March 2017
Sense ThermoPeanut, Sen-se, Thermo Peanut, Bluetooth thermometer, Android iOS App Smartphone Tablet iPhone iPad ThermoPeanut: Bluetooth thermometer for iPhone and iPad, theoretically for HomeKit

In the smart home sector, there are large, complex devices and systems as well as small, simple gadgets such as the ThermoPeanut Bluetooth thermometer, with which you can measure and record the temperature in the house or outside. [...]
20 March 2017
Philips Hue E14 LED candle pre-order order buy Amazon price Hue App Download App Store Apple iOS Play Store Google Android

Philips Hue E14 LED candle: new light bulb for Hue, compatible with Alexa (Amazon Echo)

If you are a fan of smart home technology, then you are sure to be delighted with the ever wider product ranges from providers and brands such as Philips Hue; for example about the new Philips Hue E14 LED candle. [...]
20 March 2017
Equinux tizi petrol station Eco USB power supply, USB charger, 4 USB connections for the Schuko socket, black

tizi petrol station Eco: New 4-way USB power supply unit with 2,4A and USB ports on the front

The tizi petrol station Eco is the once again revised version of a very practical USB power supply unit, with which you can charge up to four devices such as iPhone, iPad and so on at one socket at the same time. The tizi petrol station [...]
16 March 2017
USB charger with Schuko socket, AUKEY, Belkin, Icy Box, Schuko and USB ports, travel, vacation charger for several USB devices smartphone tablet camera

USB charger with Schuko socket: Charge USB devices without occupying the socket

Especially when traveling, it can be very annoying to take several USB chargers with you to charge all devices from smartphone to tablet to the camera (simultaneously); In addition, each USB charger occupies one socket. In a hotel room [...]
16 March 2017
Multiple socket, USB connection as USB charger Schukodose distributor PowerCube

PowerCube multiple socket with USB charger (2 USB ports)

When looking for a handy distributor for the socket, which conveniently has USB connections on board, the PowerCube could be a solution as a compact multiple socket. The small cube with four Schuko sockets and two USB ports can [...]
9 March 2017
Socket strip with USB charger, Schuko socket distributor with USB connections for charging smartphone tablet MacBook camera

Power strip and USB charger in one: Schuko and USB connections as a 2-in-1 solution

Spring cleaning is coming up and maybe you want to upgrade your electronics in your house or apartment with a power strip with a USB charger? Free the space behind the sofa, under the desk or in other spaces that remove dust from you [...]
6 February 2017
Minadax double socket with 4 USB ports for charging iPhone and iPad 5V 5V 2,1A 2,1A

Minadax USB sockets: First flush-mounted double sockets with 2,1A (no VDE)

The manufacturer Minadax offers protective contact sockets or double sockets on Amazon, each equipped with two USB ports (5 V; 2,1 A). These are flush-mounted chocolate boxes that can be attached to existing double socket connections. [...]
2 February 2017
Nintendo Switch FAQ Questions Answers Scope of Delivery Joy Con like many players Mario Kart 2017

Nintendo Switch: 16+ x questions and answers about consoles, online services and more

As a hot topic of the technology and gaming scene, the Nintendo Switch is currently on everyone's lips, including many questions and the right answers here and there. In this post I have 16 questions and [...]
1 February 2017
Found at Nintendo Switch delivered on time, pre-order delivery on time for release

Order from OTTO: Get your Nintendo Switch delivered in time for the release

If you currently order the Nintendo Switch online and want to have it delivered on time for the release, then you can unfortunately not rely on Amazon and Co. Out of my own interest in the Switch, I was already [...]