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8. September 2021

Sport with the Switch: Family Trainer or Ring Fit Adventure?

With the Nintendo Switch you can simulate different sports on TV or in handheld mode. In addition to game collections and sports titles from the Super Mario series, two offerings stand out: the new "Family Trainer" and which has been for a long time [...]
30. August 2021
Chessplode - chess, puzzles and explosions

Chessplode for iPad and iPhone - my pick of the week in CW35

Chess is a great game. I'm not very good at it, but every few years I feel a bit of ambition and watch a few YouTube videos in the hope that I will [...]
30. August 2021

Pre-order Age of Empires IV (+ Xbox accessories)

Age of Empires IV, or AoE 4 for short, was announced four years ago and is now about to be released. From October 28, 2021 you can play the next part of the popular real-time strategy game. In order to […]
28. August 2021
Bellz! Skill game

Bellz! - the analog game of skill is my pick of the KW33

Yes, I know I'm too late and Johannes has already presented the pick for KW34 with the Setapp Stories newsletter. The summer vacation, children and a few jobs somehow got me out of step [...]
23 JULY 2021

AirTags experiment: By post to Apple, SpaceX and North Korea

The Bluetooth and ultra-wideband trackers called AirTags, released by Apple, can be used in many practical situations. A more or less practical application of the not entirely cheap tracking aids is the tracking of parcel shipments. One in Germany [...]
25th of June 2021

Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Nintendo Switch

Starting today, the new Mario Golf: Super Rush is available for the Nintendo Switch. This part of the "Mario Golf" series, which was founded on the Nintendo 64, offers movement and button control. There are also practical [...]
17th of June 2021 app - costs and voucher offers

The app is a great way to watch TV on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, various smart TVs, and other devices. In addition to over 100 channels from all over the world, some in HD, there are [...]
16th of June 2021

Game studio - program your own games on the Nintendo Switch

With Spielstudio, Nintendo has brought a child-friendly way of creating and programming their own games to the Nintendo Switch. Different environments, objects, characters and game mechanics are available for the creation of new worlds and adventures. The […]
24. May 2021
My pick: Switch Controller from Beboncool

Beboncool controller for the Nintendo Switch - my pick for KW21

My daughter's Nintendo Switch is a real little wonder: insanely good graphics, a good display and a handy design. The only drawback that the Switch for adults has are the tiny controllers, with [...]
21. May 2021

Current deal: 60+ films on Amazon Prime Video for € 0,99 (short message)

At Amazon Prime Video, Prime members are offered over 60 films at the weekend for a rental fee of 99 cents. Among them are sometimes more, sometimes less known strips. You can even stream some of them in 4K resolution. To [...]