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8. December 2021

The ABC of video games by Gregor Kartsios

The ABC of Video Games by Gregor Kartsios is a book that brightly illustrates important points in the history of video games to date and explains them in compact form. The 192-page lexicon offers an overview of various consoles, game genres, games and [...]
6. December 2021

Amazon Prime Video: These Christmas films are included

If you are an Amazon Prime member or if you get a trial subscription for this Advent, you can watch various films and series at no additional cost. Christmas films are also among them. With these you can the dark [...]
6. December 2021

Nintendo eShop Card: 15 to 100 euros credit for Switch, Wii U and 3DS

The Nintendo eShop is the digital store for games and software that can be installed on the Nintendo Switch, the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS. Simply select a title, pay, download and play. If you […]
2. December 2021

Buy PlayStation credit quickly and securely online (DE & AT)

Do you want to make fans of the Sony PlayStation happy for Santa Claus or Christmas and make sure that they can buy new games via the PlayStation Network (PSN)? Then you can quickly and easily find the appropriate [...]
22. November 2021

Escape Room Advent Calendar: Exciting Advent season with 24 tips

Escape rooms have grown in popularity in recent years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, it was not a good idea to stay longer in closed rooms with puzzles; but corresponding games for [...]
17. November 2021

Technology and robot advent calendar 2021

Yesterday I presented you with interesting LEGO advent calendars for December 2021, today it's about technology, electronics and robots. If you, your partner, your children or someone else is into technology and robots [...]
16. November 2021

LEGO Advent Calendar 2021: City, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more

In preparation for Christmas, it is always nice to have an advent calendar that prepares a little bit every day for the big day. Regardless of whether you call it Christmas Day, Tree Day, gift festival or something else, the advent calendar can [...]
9. November 2021

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl - Play on Console Starting Today!

Since October you can play the "Super Smash Bros." Clone on the PC, now Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is also coming to the console. For the Nintendo Switch as well as for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One [...]
29. October 2021

Age of Empires IV - Playable Starting Today!

Today, not only is Mario Party Superstars released for the Nintendo Switch, but Age of Empires IV is also released for the PC. The popular real-time strategy series, the first part of which came on the market in 1997, has a whole genre [...]
29. October 2021

Mario Party Superstars - Available for Nintendo Switch starting today! (Pick of KW43)

Nintendo has apparently listened to the criticism of the fans and has returned to the good old N64 era with regard to the new "Mario Party" game for the Nintendo Switch. Because the first game in the series came for this [...]