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April 24, 2019

The Secret History of Mac Gaming - Book shows the history of games on Apple computers

The Apple Mac is or has often been described as a game-free machine. Windows computers are generally recommended for those who call themselves gamers or who only play occasionally. For Microsoft Windows, [...]
April 9, 2019

Digital video recorder: how to record television digitally

If you want to mothball your VHS or DVD recorder and still want to record films, your favorite series, a football game or other television content, you don't have to despair. With a digital video recorder you can watch series, films and all other television programs on [...]
April 4, 2019
Long-term test of Readly's magazine flat rate

My experience with the magazine flat rate

I've booked the Readly service for almost two years and the whole time I've been planning to write a little post about my experience with it. Somehow it always didn't "fit", but after Apple recently released its [...]
26. March 2019

Apple TV + streaming service officially announced for fall 2019

The rumor mill in the run-up to yesterday's It's show time keynote from Apple was particularly concerned with one topic: the streaming service for films, series and documentaries. There has also been speculation about the name, for example Apple Video. Now is […]
15. March 2019

Book tip: iPhone iOS 12 manual by Anton Ochsenkühn

Here in the blog I have already introduced you to one and the other advice book by Anton Ochsenkühn from amac-buch Verlag. And other macOS manuals already have a permanent place in the [...]
6. February 2019

HDMI ARC - what is it and what can it do?

HDMI ARC may not be a new technology standard, but it is still uncharted territory for many. With the use of HDMI-ARC cables in the home theater, other cables can be saved and new advantages can be used. By the way, the abbreviation stands for audio [...]
4. February 2019

Scart-HDMI adapter - connect old and new hardware

A Scart to HDMI adapter or HDMI to Scart adapter is a great way to connect old devices to the Smart TV or new hardware to the old TV. However, when buying the one to be switched between the individual components [...]
29. January 2019
macOS - The comprehensive guide for power users

Book tip: "macOS - The comprehensive manual for power users" by Kai Surendorf

This time I am reviewing a book that will surely be of no interest to most of my readers. But that shouldn't sound derogatory, because the book certainly has a small but fine target group who are sure to find out about [...]
17. January 2019

Replace Youtube video with a new one - the best way

If a video is out of date, incorrectly edited or otherwise in need of revision, it can be deleted from pretty much any platform. But could you, for example, replace a YouTube video with a new one? The […]
12. January 2019
The book "macOS Mojave - Over 250 cool insider tips" by Anton Ochsenkühn. Definitely equipped with helpful tips for working more efficiently on the Mac (Photos: Sir Apfelot).

Book tip: "macOS Mojave - Over 250 cool insider tips" by Anton Ochsenkühn

I recently presented the book "macOS Mojave - THE standard work for beginners and migrants" by Anton Ochsenkühn, which I would recommend to all beginners who are taking their first steps at [...]