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14. November 2018
Photo: Book macOS Mojave keyboard shortcuts

Book review: macOS Mojave keyboard shortcuts by Johann Szierbeck

I've been working with keyboard shortcuts for ages. Again and again I get astonished and admiring looks from people whom I help on the Mac, because with the shortcuts I can do a lot of things much faster than [...]
29. October 2018

Marantz Professional Turret - Complete system for YouTube, podcast, game streaming, etc.

Do you want to produce web videos, stream video games on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer, record a podcast or realize other audio and video projects? Then the Marantz Professional Turret could be the ideal solution for your desk. Also as [...]
23. October 2018

YouTube: What is the difference between “Public”, “Not Listed” and “Private”?

If you don't know him yet, I would like to introduce you to the Sir Apfelot YouTube channel with this advice post. I recently wanted to upload a video with this for a customer and am in the upload dialog at [...]
21. October 2018

Diveo: television reloaded with the iPhone or iPad (sponsor)

Diveo's service is exciting for everyone who likes to watch television but does not have DVB-T or cable reception. The only thing the Diveo app needs is reasonably fast internet access. It enables the [...]
17. October 2018

New Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation 2018: Waterproof, more RAM & Audible integration

The new Kindle Paperwhite of the 10th generation will be released on November 7, 2018. In addition to the increased memory of either 8 GB or 32 GB, Amazon's thinnest e-book reader to date has an IPX8 protection rating and [...]
15. October 2018
Book review macOS Mojave manual photo

Book tip: "macOS Mojave - The standard work on Apple's operating system" by Anton Ochsenkühn

I recently had an article on my blog with useful manuals for macOS Mojave. The list of recommendations also includes the book by Anton Ochsenkühn, which he has now given me in duplicate [...]
13. October 2018

LEGO Star Wars Death Star made from over 500.000 Lego bricks

Probably the largest LEGO Death Star has more than half a million Lego bricks. It was designed and built for Legoland Windsor, west of London in England. The LEGO Star Wars Death Star from [...]
12. October 2018

DVD tip + raffle: “Works of art from holiday photos 5” by Pavel Kaplun

Long gone are the days when you looked at black and white photos in creaky photo albums or boxes of discolored Polaroids in order to remember the moments captured. Today pretty much anyone can [...]
10. October 2018

Movavi Video Editor 5 for Mac put to the test

The software developer Movavi kindly provided me with a registration code for the video editing software "Video Editor 5". I have now tried the app a bit and would like to present my experiences here. If you have any questions [...]
10. October 2018

How much is a megabyte? Practical examples from everyday life!

How much information is there actually in a megabyte? How much is a megabyte converted into book pages or other amounts of information? If 0 and 1 are too abstract for you and if you don't even have eight bits per byte [...]