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8. October 2018

New: "HomeKit - the interface to the home" in the 4th edition

The fourth edition of the book HomeKit - the interface to the home by Matthias Petrat has recently been available. This offers revised and updated content for the operating systems of 4 and 2018. In addition to the [...]
3. October 2018

GoPro Hero 7 manual as download and book tips

When looking for a manual, a user manual, tips and tricks for the GoPro camera and its functions, one stumbles across a wide variety of offers. The manufacturer of the Action Cam offers the [...]
2. October 2018

[Update 2021] macOS Mojave manual - instructions and pictures as a book

Apple's new Mac operating system is out: macOS 10.14 Mojave. If you want to use this with all its new features or if you want to get to know it as a complete beginner, you can use a macOS Mojave manual. The illustrated instructions [...]
21. September 2018

Loupedeck + and Adobe Premiere Pro CC - video editing with the switcher

The Finnish company Loupedeck has announced that their current mixer, Loupedeck +, is now also compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. By integrating the app for video editing on the Apple Mac or Windows PC, [...]
5. September 2018

Creative Selection - A new book about Apple

Creative Selection by Ken Kocienda bears the subtitle “Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs” - in English: “Inside Apple's Design Process during the Golden Age of Steve Jobs”. The book that [...]
23. August 2018

DJI Event on August 23, 2018 - Summary of the presentation

The DJI event to introduce the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom took place as planned (in the second attempt) on August 23, 2018, at 16:00 p.m. Central European Summer Time. In New York [...]
21. August 2018

Prevent automatic switching of the lenses on the iPhone 7/8 Plus, iPhone X camera

If you like to record videos with a current iPhone model and use the zoom, then it can happen that the lens of the double camera is changed during the recording. How do you have an automatic switch [...]
10. August 2018

[Competition!] App stories: children's books with augmented reality on the iPad

Anyone who wants to introduce their children to modern technology in a playful way or who wants to supplement the already permitted iPad use with child-friendly and analogue content should take a look at the "app stories" from Knesebeck Verlag. Via iOS app [...]
9. August 2018

Make a LEGO film yourself - instructions in the current stop-motion book

LEGO bricks have stimulated the imagination of children, adolescents and adults for decades. Both childlike intimate games and swed action films as stop motion movies can be realized with the plastic building blocks. Anyone who has a tripod for the Apple iPhone [...]
8. August 2018

Flexound HUMU - speaker cushion (with test summary)

The Flexound HUMU is an "Augmented Audio Cushion", ie a loudspeaker cushion that is supposed to create an immersive audio experience. The speaker cushion should be less suitable for music and more for films, series and video games. In a flexound [...]