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13. August 2017
there are a thousand no's for every yes

There are a thousand no's for every yes - Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote Intro

At the opening of WWDC in 2013, Apple showed off an intro in which they described why Apple is Apple. Among other things, the phrase "there are a thousand no's for [...]
10. August 2017

Elgato Green Screen: Chroma Key Panel as a mobile display

The day before yesterday Elgato presented new products for content producers and gamers, including the Elgato Cam Link USB stick, but also the Elgato Green Screen. With the Elgato Green Screen, which I present to you in this post [...]
9. August 2017

Elgato Cam Link: USB 3.0 stick for streaming HDMI sources

The new Elgato Cam Link is a USB stick with 3.0 technology to which you can connect the video camera, a console such as the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 or simply the DVD player via HDMI.
7. August 2017
Gordon Ramsay in the British Airways safety video

British Airways Safety Video: Movie Stars Promote Safety and Comic Relief

Dotted with many celebrities from film and television, the new British Airways safety video, which will be shown on the airline's flights from September 1, 2017, shows the safety instructions for passengers in a humorous way. Frequent flyers [...]
26 JULY 2017

HDMI signal on iMac: Stream and record via Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.

If you want to connect a game console such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox to the iMac in order to use it as a monitor or television or to stream / record your gameplay, then you can [...]
21 JULY 2017

Totally analog: Kingdomino is Game of the Year 2017 (+ children's game & Kennerspiel d. J.)

The game of the year 2017 is called Kingdomino and was published by Pegasus Spiele Verlag. It was developed by Bruno Cathala. So when you play analogue again or your children with a classic tabletop [...]
7 JULY 2017

Shimon marimba robot: AI with deep learning composes its own music

The Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology has already produced some amazing feats combining robots, music and artificial intelligence (AI). The current milestone is called Shimon, also called Deep Shimon. The robot Shimon [...]
7 JULY 2017 and alternative for streaming films and series

Watching films and series via streaming via Movie4K or KinoX is even more illegal than before since a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union on April 26, 2017. On §44a UrhG, users can also [...]
21th of June 2017

The One Device: iPhone Book Reveals Development and Steve Jobs Secrets

Brian Merchant's book The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone describes the history of the iPhone - as well as the history of Apple that led to the device. Tomorrow, on [...]
30. May 2017

DJI Osmo, Osmo + and Osmo Mobile: professional image stabilization for amateur filmmakers

The Chinese drone manufacturer DJI is not a rare topic here in the blog, which is one of many occasions to take a look at the product range called DJI Osmo. Under the name "Osmo", DJI sells devices for [...]