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21. May 2021

Current deal: 60+ films on Amazon Prime Video for € 0,99 (short message)

At Amazon Prime Video, Prime members are offered over 60 films at the weekend for a rental fee of 99 cents. Among them are sometimes more, sometimes less known strips. You can even stream some of them in 4K resolution. To [...]
16. May 2021
Netflix error code NW-2-5

Netflix error nw-2-5: help with error code nw-2-5

The error code NW-2-5 indicates that Netflix has a problem with the network connection and cannot reach the Netflix service on the internet. Unfortunately, this error message is both frequent and difficult to correct because the [...]
14. May 2021

Available from today: Retro-Bit Prism HDMI adapter for the GameCube

If you have a Nintendo GameCube model DOL-001, you can try a new adapter from today to get the best picture on modern flat screens with HDMI connection. Because on these the image of [...]
10. May 2021

Which is the top gaming smartphone in 2021? (Sponsor)

Video games have long ceased to be a medium that can only be consumed via special consoles or the computer. Due to the ever increasing hardware performance of smartphones, their systems also offer sufficient possibilities for games. "Mobile [...]
5. May 2021
YouTube Premium VAT Invoice

Where can I find the bill for YouTube Premium?

Somehow every service provider on the Internet seems to have its own technology to hide account statements and invoices from customers. It's not much different with Google or YouTube. I booked YouTube Premium a few months ago [...]
1. May 2021

"Lonely Wolf" Playbooks by Joe Dever - Pick of the Week in CW18

From "Dungeons and Dragons" or "The Black Eye" you may be familiar with the game principle of so-called pen and paper games. These are role-playing games in which the participants each play a fictional character and the game master [...]
April 30, 2021

New Pokémon Snap - sequel to the N64 classic is out today

Today is New Pokémon Snap, the long-awaited successor to Pokémon Snap, which was released for the Nintendo 1999 in 64. The aim of the game is, among other things, to take photos of Pokémon in the best possible way and to put them in scene. [...]
April 22, 2021

Game controller for Apple TV 4K and Apple Arcade

If you also want to use your 4th generation (5) or 2017th generation (6) Apple TV 2021K for video games from Apple Arcade, you can't avoid a game controller. But which gamepad works [...]
April 21, 2021

Apple TV 4K with A12 chip and new Siri remote control

In addition to a new iMac, two new iPad Pro models and the AirTag trackers, Apple also presented the new generation of the Apple TV 4K as part of yesterday's special event. This offers more computing power through the [...]
April 19, 2021
Test: Plugo Count math learning game

In the test: Plugo Count - math learning game with iPad app

I recently tested the Orboot AR globe from Shifu, which is supported by an iPad app and shows things on the globe via augmented reality. In this way he offers the children a learning experience which [...]