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27. February 2017
Space Movies List, List of the Best Movies Sci Fi Scifi, Moon, Mars, Spaceship, ISS, Space Movies Stream Space Movies DVD Box

The best space films of all time: films set in space

The list of the best space films, i.e. films that take place in space, includes not only Star Wars or Star Trek, but also and above all the film that is visually and in terms of its effects [...]
24. February 2017
Best Steve Jobs Movie, Apple Documentary, Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher, Michael Fassbender, 2015, 2016

Steve Jobs Film: Which strip portrays the Apple founder best?

From The Silicon Valley Story to JOBS or Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine to Steve Jobs, probably the most famous Steve Jobs film, there are a few (and many more) films that […]
22. February 2017
Amazon Fire TV Stick Alexa voice input, voice remote control, voice control order, buy, pre-order at

NEW: Pre-order Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote control from Amazon

With the new Fire TV Stick from Amazon, which will be released on April 20, 2017 and can already be pre-ordered, you can use Alexa to operate your Smart TV via voice control. The new Amazon [...]
21. February 2017

Netflix new releases and Amazon news: films and series on Prime Video & Co

Your search for the new releases at VoD service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Maxdome and Co is now over; Here you get links to overviews of new films, series, seasons and other offers from these streaming services. [...]
17. February 2017
Download Space Invaders App for watchOS 3 and iOS, Download Invaders mini for Apple Watch, Download App Store for iPhone. Play Space Invaders on iPhone. Free, free.

Space Invaders App for watchOS: Retro Game on the Apple Watch

Do you want to download the retro game Space Invaders as an app for the Apple Watch? Nothing easier than this! Because from the developer Virtual GS there is a clone of the arcade classic for the Smartwatch from Apple; [...]
16. February 2017
StilGut competition resolution answers and winners

StilGut competition: dissolution and announcement of the winners

The time has come, the Sir Apfelot and StilGut competition is over. The last reply email was received yesterday shortly before midnight, and all emails have now been analyzed. A total of 94 messages [...]
15. February 2017
What is 4K, what resolution, how many pixels are 4K2K? UHD, Quad Full HD, DVD, Blu-Ray, TV and 4K 5K monitor, 8K

What does 4K resolution mean and are Ultra High Definition, QFH & UHD the same thing?

4K resolution - what does that mean and how many pixels are that actually? Do you really need 4K TVs and 4K monitors for Mac and PC? What is the difference between 4K and Full HD, which [...]
14. February 2017
Provenance Emulator Apple TV App ROM SNES Sega Game Gear Genesis Nintendo Mario Zelda to play on AppleTV

Provenance: SNES emulator on the Apple TV (for hobbyists)

Don't make any plans for the weekend, because the game is going on - with the open-source emulator Provenance, which you can install on the Apple TV, you can play SNES games, among other things! You only need to [...]
13. February 2017
GoogleMaps, Google Maps Hyperlapse, Hyperzoom Video, Adobe After Effects, Matteo Archondis, Geoff Tompkinson

For GoogleMaps' 12th birthday: Hyperlapse video from 3.300+ individual images by Matteo Archondis

The online map service GoogleMaps or Google Maps recently turned 12, which is what the graphic design student Matteo Archondis took as an opportunity to create a tribute in video form from over 3.300 individual images. The video with the [...]
13. February 2017
Top 10 passwords, list of the most common passwords in Germany. German password list Top10

The top 10 passwords - you shouldn't use them!

If you want to protect your computer, WiFi access, e-mail account, iPhone or iPad against unauthorized use and identity theft, then you shouldn't use these top 10 passwords in Germany. Admittedly, the information is not [...]