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30. November 2015

Which game controller works on the Apple TV 4K (4th generation)?

With the 4th generation of the Apple TV, games based on tvOS can be installed for the first time. This - and of course the 4K resolution and the fast processor in the new ATV (abbreviation for Apple [...]
17. October 2015
What if? What happened if? book

What if? What happened if? A book recommendation for hobby physicists and nerds!

How many hours of my life have I spent listening to Harald Lesch's exciting theories when he answers one of the audience's questions about the earth, the universe and everything else. There was [...]
16. October 2015
Quadrocopter with water glass

Quadrocopters as artists: TED workshop by D'Andrea

The fact that flying drones are constantly conquering new areas of application is nothing new: they deliver or fly out packages, carry out analyzes in agriculture and even fight forest fires, they are either used with pleasure or are still in [...]
24. September 2015
Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide

Book review: Adobe Lightroom 6 / CC Instructions as a manual by István Velsz

Professional photographers, interested private users and, last but not least, everyone who stands in between or who owns the program for completely different reasons - everyone who has been using Photoshop Lightroom 21 / CC since its appearance on April 2015, 6 [...]
14 JULY 2015
Mark Schmidt via Flash on Twitter

Flash deals itself the fatal blow - Facebook and Mozilla are cracking down

I've been an active Flash refuser for a long time, because on the one hand the performance and on the other hand the security gaps take my nerves enormously. To be honest, I only noticed the missing Flash plug-in for the videos on Facebook, [...]
24th of June 2015

The WordPress practical manual by Gino Cremer - a recommendation

Gino Cremer is the managing director of "Pixelbar" and a web designer from the very beginning. He has many years of experience with WordPress & Co, and is currently working as a lecturer and consultant for web design and social media at WIFI Vienna. One can […]
6. May 2015
Wordpress 4 manual from Galileo

Book tip: WordPress 4 - The ultimate manual by Alexander Hetzel

What else can you do with WordPress besides blogging? What installations are there and how do I best use them? What is the easiest way to create your own (responsive) themes and plugins, and how do I design [...]
April 30, 2015
Evernote logo

Evernote - the German manual in book form

I have the Evernote app on both my iPhone and MacBook. Unfortunately not really in use yet, because I simply don't have the background knowledge of how to use the notes app properly [...]
8. February 2015
iPhone 6 competition

iPhone competitions - take part and win the cream!

What applies to iPads (see our list of iPad competitions), of course, also applies to the ever-popular iPhones: Everyone would like to have one, but you don't always have the necessary change or want a contract [...]
30. January 2015
The Mac Book for Seniors

Review: The Mac Book for Seniors - Skilfully Using Apple Computers

A few days ago I received the work "The Mac Book for Seniors". Now you are probably wondering why I first read senior citizens' books when I was a little over 40 and, secondly, also beginner's books when I already [...]