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26. January 2015
Remote Control

This is how you can find the right receiver for IPTV

If you don't want to watch TV with your MacBook or iPad, you might want to watch TV over the Internet - IPTV for short. In addition to DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C, IPTV is increasingly found on [...]
28. December 2014
Susan Bennett Siri

Commands and questions to the iPhone voice assistant Siri - here's how!

I have to admit that I am quite new to the use of [Siri-> siri] - even though I have had a device that supports Siri for a long time. The reason for this is that my iPhone 5 has some [...]
13. December 2014
Kindle from Amazon

The best eBook readers at a glance - models from 2014 in the test

Exciting books refresh our dreary everyday life immensely. Whether on vacation or at home in front of the fireplace, the written word is a successful alternative to television. Nevertheless, you do not have to rely on the advantages of modern technology [...]
17. October 2014
Sony BRAVIA KDL-60W855

The best 60-inch televisions at a glance - with and without 3D technology

One advantage of the iPad, for which I am very grateful to Steve, is that you can watch films in good quality on the go - assuming an iPad with Retina resolution. But also at home I tend to switch [...]
3. October 2014
AC / DC death by iOS 8.0.2 and Siri

Bluetooth pairing, Siri and iOS 8.0.2 kill all my AC / DC songs

I have to say that [Siri-> siri-jokes] always inspire me. But sometimes the aunt annoys "like Hulle", as our junior always uses to say. In the current case, she has actually succeeded in the complex [...]
29. September 2014
Nerdikon cover

Computer and nerd books as a gift idea for friends and colleagues

At this point I would like to introduce some books that I use as gift ideas for computer geeks, nerds or work colleagues - perhaps as a supplement or as an alternative to my other suggestions: the C64 book or the Apple T-shirts. :) [...]
23. September 2014
bent iPhone 6 plus from Hanzoh

#bendgate - Apple iPhone 6 Plus bent?!?

It's funny. Whenever a new iPhone model comes onto the market, there are some "gates" ... what was the #antennagate years ago is the #bendgate with the iPhone 6. This means that the iPhone [...]
15. September 2014
Chinese cell phone walkway

In China, the first smartphone lane has now been set up on the sidewalk

Sometimes you wonder if it's April first and you haven't noticed. The weather already looks like April, but the calendar says something different. This makes such [...]
7. September 2014
C64 - a visual compendium

Commodore C64 Book for Nerds: A Visual Foray into the Past

Which C64 fan doesn't know them - the beautiful bitmap graphics of the old classic games like Impossible Mission, The Last Ninja or Bubble Bobble. My old [C64-> c64] is still in the basement and whenever an old friend [...]
27. August 2014
MacBook Air commercial with Grobi

Wacky MacBook stickers - individuality through laptop stickers

You are the proud (of course!) Owner of an Apple MacBook (Pro retina ?!). Maybe it already has a few unsightly scratches on the lid or you want to prevent it from getting that far. An Apple MacBook Decal [...]