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18 JULY 2014
Kindle Unlimited USA

Kindle Unlimited: Amazon's e-book flat rate is now available in the US

After only a few key data became known through the rumor mill in the last few days, which I did not want to publish in a separate blog post, there are now facts about Amazon's new blow against the booksellers
9 JULY 2014
Football World Cup 2014 infographic

Interactive infographic with competition for the 2014 World Cup

Anyone who reads my Facebook account will have already noticed that I am particularly interested in so-called infographics, which we use in our SEO agency as a link building tool (more on this here). I also share with others [...]
1th of June 2014
Stefan Raab We're coming

Lyrics from the World Cup song "We come to get him" by Stefan Raab

I have to say, Stefan Raab has a knack for catchy tunes. With his World Cup song "We come to get him", he sent a nice song into the race for the 2014 World Cup. Out of my sight […]
April 14, 2014
iPad as a cutting board

Grandpa takes iPad as a cutting board - the video

Since I keep sending the video to friends and acquaintances who are considering diving into the world of electronics again in later years, I would like to link this again here. On the one hand, because it [...]
10. March 2014
The worst passwords of 2013

The most popular passwords of 2013 - a nice best-of list!

I admit it: I also use a standard password for quite a few services, which is not really difficult to crack, but is therefore also not difficult to remember. That is probably the fundamental evil of [...]
22. February 2014
AppleTV 4

New Apple TV successor with build "AppleTV4,1" is on the doorstep

Insiders usually already know that new Apple hardware is coming when they find any new device strings in the OS X code. These strings stand for the identifier of the Apple devices that [...]
31. January 2014
Tolino Shine - The Unofficial Handbook

Tolino Shine manual as a Kindle eBook - great idea!

I call that a case of "thought through"! I'm just browsing through Amazon and looking for fun for "Tolino Shine" - a strong competitor for the Kindle eBook reader from Amazon - I find [...]
27. January 2014
Samsung ML-3471ND RIP Error

RIP: My Samsung ML-3471ND laser printer logs out ...

Great. After starting work, you want to quickly print out a few receipts and what happens there? The printer (a Samsung ML-3471ND black and white laser printer, which performed very well in the test results) does not do it and reports an error message: [...]
7. November 2013
Facebook logo

New Facebook update - this is how it can work in real life!

It is always fascinating when large portals such as [Google + -> google-plus] or [Facebook-> facebook] carry out an update. Usually there are new functions that nobody wanted, design changes that are not nice and many other things that one [...]
7. November 2013
USB fir tree

Christmas gadget: USB Christmas tree with 47% discount

The dark Christmas days are just around the corner and you have the feeling that you also have to spread a little Christmas spirit in the office? Then now is a good opportunity, because Amazon is currently offering a fancy USB Christmas tree [...]