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4. November 2013
Apple and iPhone jokes

Apple jokes and sayings about iPhone and Co.

Here I unearthed a few sayings and jokes with and about Apple, iPhone, iPad and Co. I'll be happy to add to the list as I come across new jokes. If you like, you can also [...]
23. October 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness DVD

Star Trek "Into Darkness" available on DVD and Blu-ray

It took a while, but now I've seen the latest Star Trek movie with young Kirk. "Into Darkness" is astonishingly enough in Germany too - it's good that [...]
22. October 2013
Insert FCPX audio keyframes

Adjust volume in Final Cut Pro X clips with keyframes

In [FCPX on Mac-> final-cut-pro-x] you can easily change the volume for the entire clip, but it is a little less easy to see how to adjust the volume in a clip with keyframes in the audio track [...]
9. October 2013
Kindle charger

Charger for the Kindle - recommended accessory

Well, the Kindle is usually very rarely empty - at least if you limit yourself to reading with the [eReader-> kindle-ereader] or Paperwhite. But when it is empty, you have to put it to the [...]
2. October 2013
Apple iCloud

Cannot buy iCloud storage - is the cloud broken?

A few days ago the automatic mail assistant from Apple penetrated me several times, but finally to free up more memory in the [iCloud-> iCloud], because I use more than the booked 5 GB and my plan [...]
30. September 2013
Vintage 1972

1972 - Great gift ideas for this vintage

I was born in 1972 myself and that's why I created this nice subpage. It's interesting what happened this year: the XX. Olympic Games in Munich [...]
5. September 2013
IMDB logo

IMDB - Internet Movie Database

The IMDB ( is a film database that is maintained online. It collects data on all possible movies, video films or TV films that have ever been made. The portal is operated by the online shipping company Amazon and also offers [...]
5. September 2013
Icon film

The top 20 films in the IMDB charts - in German!

Today I looked at the [IMDB database-> imdb] and fished out the films that were rated the best by the users. A small IMDB chart list came out, which I would like to present here. [...]
23. August 2013
Fun t-shirt I fixed it

Fun t-shirts for apple nerds

Sure, the Think Different is slowly coming to an end, because you are hardly anything special when you come along with an Apple computer - everybody is now stupid. Nevertheless there are some [...]
21. August 2013
Lightroom 5 video training

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 book alternative

Are you fed up with 300-page tomes that introduce individual functions of Lightroom 5 chapter by chapter, but miss how you really work with the software? Then here is the right alternative [...]