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12. March 2013
iPhone app magnets

Nice idea: App magnets for the refrigerator in the iPhone look

The home screen of the Apple iPhone is probably burned into the brain of every iPhone user. For this reason, the icons that can usually be found there catch the eye particularly quickly. I recently [...]
11. March 2013 screenshot

Program guide is discontinued, but Elgato wants to offer an alternative

With the [Elgato TV receiver EyeTV-> elgato-eyetv] television can be received on the Mac. The eyeTV software has previously used the online program guide, which unfortunately ceases to operate on February 28.02.2013, XNUMX. By the way: whoever clicked a subscription there [...]
21. February 2013
Youtube video lock

Instructions: Watch blocked YouTube videos - ProxTube is your friend

You know it: You click through Google and actually want to watch one or more interesting video and suddenly the message comes that you are unfortunately not allowed to watch this video because GEMA has [...]
11. February 2013
Instructions: Battery replacement for the Ion Audio Blockrocker

AVCHD with Final Cut Pro X on MAC OS X

Current [HD camcorder-> hd camcorder] such as the [Sony CX 730 E-> Sony-cx-730-e] or the [Canon HF G25-> canon-legria-hf-g25] offer full HD recordings up to 50p (50 frames per second). This enables very smooth camera pans and the image appears very [...]
28. January 2013
Cyberlink Power2Go DVD burning program

Cyberlink Power2Go: Burn films from the GoPro Hero to DVD

The recordings with the [Actioncam-> actioncam] from [GoPro-> gopro-hero-3] are impressive. And they are particularly successful if you use the manufacturer's new flagship: the [GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition-> gopro-hero-3-black] - equipped with a brilliant [...]
23. January 2013
Apple TV 2

Jailbreak Apple TV: Only the 2nd generation can still be jailbroken

If you want to use the Apple TV Box as it is intended by Apple, you should refrain from jailbreaking, because Apple pursues the goal of providing the user with the best possible user experience and for this it is necessary to [...]
14. January 2013

PowerPoint karaoke

Who does not know all these unspeakable Powerpoint presentations, with which you as a viewer are to be prevented from falling into a deep 45-minute sleep on the spot. But just as bad as the presentations are, just as funny [...]
28. November 2012
Apple commercials

485 Apple Commercials - Good Entertainment!

The commercials Apple has produced and published over the company's history are not all entertaining. But some have become real classics, which one likes to take to heart again and again. A friendly Youtube user [...]
26. November 2012
JVC Everio GZ-VX 700 SEU camcorder

Camcorder test winner: JVC Everio GZ-VX 700 SEU

The JVC Everio was my first hard drive camcorder a few years ago. For those times it had an intoxicating picture, an HD resolution and a long battery life. And even today JVC plays with its Everio HD camcorder in the [...]
19. November 2012
Elgato EyeTV Netstream satellite tuner

Stream television using elgato EyeTV over WiFi

We have a Dreambox 800 running here at home. It has been bothering me a lot for several months. Not that the device is not good - it does its job, is small, has a small hard drive extension and [...]