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14. January 2021

Pre-order now: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Super Mario, Nintendo's jumping plumber, is 35 years old. This is celebrated by the creators of the video game character with games, new editions of old classics and additional content. After Super Mario 3D All-Stars from last year [...]
13. January 2021

N64 controller with USB for Mac, PC and Nintendo Switch

One of the standout video game consoles of the 1990s is the Nintendo 64 (N64). In addition to games like Super Mario 64, Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, [...]
8. January 2021

Drive & Listen - discover the world at the weekend

Do you want to discover the world even in lockdown times? Then you should take a look at Drive & Lists. The multimedia and free online offer combines videos of car trips with the sound of local radio stations. Whether Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, [...]
21. December 2020

Fantasy Maps: Fictional Locations, Discworld, Middle-earth, and more

Maps are fascinating, and not just in geography lessons. In the history of mankind there have been many imaginative maps because coastlines were measured incorrectly or distances were incorrectly estimated. With the more precise measurement of the world, new [...]
17. December 2020
Simbrix building blocks now available in Germany

Simbrix now available in Germany - last-minute Christmas present for kids

I bought the first pack of Simbrix a few years ago when my kids were still totally in love with iron-on beads. At that time I had no idea that at some point I would actually be married to Ms. Simbrix, but [...]
10. December 2020

Digital board games for Christmas, New Years and all year round

The Sundays in Advent, Christmas and the time “between the years”, all of this invites you to play board games together. If you have the physical get-together this year because of Corona, you don't have to do without it. [...]
6. December 2020
In the test: the Shifu Orboot

In the test: Shifu Orboot - children's globe with AR app for discovering and learning

A few weeks ago the manufacturer Shifu sent me the "Orboot" for a test. When I read the press release on this toy, the toy sounded so interesting that I immediately asked for a test device [...]
4. December 2020

Nerd and geek gifts for Christmas 2020

Video games, movies, series, science, comics, pop culture, and more - all of these play into the nerd and geek scene. If you want to make someone from your family or friends happy with an appropriate gift, [...]
2. December 2020

Gaming gift ideas for Christmas 2020

Gaming can be an extensive hobby. As a gamer, you are happy when a collector's item, game, device or accessory is added to your collection as a gift. Yesterday I already met you [...]
26. November 2020

[Update] 4th Advent competition with Sir Apfelot: prizes in the newsletter

In the Advent season 2020 there will be a small raffle from and by Sir Apfelot. Every Advent a participating subscriber to the newsletter is drawn by lot and wins a gift set. In addition to practical accessories [...]