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12. December 2019

Books for Christmas: How do computers, smartphones and heating work?

We live in a high-tech, digitized and, in many areas, also automated world. However, we rarely worry about how it all actually works. What is technology and why does it work? How does [...]
11. December 2019

Crowdfunding for the first German SwiftUI book

"SwiftUI for beginners" or "Entry into SwiftUI" - this could be the name of the first German-language book on Apple's UI framework. There is currently a crowdfunding campaign so that it can be completed and later bought by interested parties. In [...]
10. December 2019

eufyCam 2C - Wireless surveillance camera set with a long runtime

Anker has introduced a new set for monitoring your home, apartment, office and virtually any other place. The eufyCam 2C package consists of two full HD cameras that can be used inside and outside with night vision and the home base [...]
9. December 2019

Bitmap Books - books for game nerds

Are you still looking for the right book on video games and consoles that is high quality and informative at the same time? Do you still need a present for Christmas or your friend's birthday? Then [...]
21. November 2019

Touchbar Pet - Tamagotchi replacement for the Apple MacBook Pro

Virtual pets have been known and loved since the "Tamagotchis" that were popular in the 1990s. With the small app Touchbar Pet, the developer Grace Avery offers a further development of the pixels equipped with needs. These find [...]
19. November 2019
macOS Catalina Manual - Seeing and Ability

Book tip: "macOS Catalina - seeing and being able to" by Philip Kiefer

A few days ago I received the freshly printed macOS Catalina manual from Markt + Technik Verlag. In the series "Bild für Bild", in which this book was also published, the publisher publishes further instructions on operating systems or [...]
4. November 2019
Pool party puzzle game

In the test: Pool Party - a first-person-real-world puzzle game

A few days ago I received - completely surprising - a package with a game and a little greeting from a reader: "Thanks for the great blog! By: Angela". This is the first gift someone [...]
21. October 2019
Jürgen Wolf: macOS - The comprehensive guide.

Book review: macOS - The comprehensive guide by Jürgen Wolf

When I held the book "macOS - The Comprehensive Guide" by Jürgen Wolf (Rheinwerk-Verlag) in my hand for the first time, I was impressed by its sheer weight and size. With a good 2,6 kilograms and [...]
18. October 2019
macOS Catalina - The standard work on Apple's operating system - one of the new premium video books from amac-buch Verlag (Photos: Sir Apfelot).

Book tip: macOS Catalina manual - texts, screenshots and videos in combination

Today I received the first macOS Catalina manual (a list of Catalina books here). The macOS standard work by Anton Ochsenkühn has now been updated for the new operating system and comes with a special surprise [...]
16. October 2019

macOS Catalina manuals and guides

At the beginning of October 2019, Apple released macOS 10.15 Catalina as the Mac operating system. If you consider yourself a beginner with regard to Mac or as a switch with regard to macOS 10.15, a few manuals and instructions [...]