The most original Advent calendars 2018 for adults

Advent calendars don't always have to be filled with chocolate; You can also do without other delicacies if other original fillings are waiting behind the little doors. In this little guide I'll show you - in my opinion - the most original Advent calendars 2018 for adults. There is also a reference to technology and digital lifestyle here and there;)

You can find original Advent calendars for adults 2018 here. This will shorten the Advent season for yourself or others until Christmas!
You can find original Advent calendars for adults 2018 here. This will shorten the Advent season for yourself or others until Christmas!

Original advent calendars for adults in 2018

In the following you will find original Advent calendars for adults, which should shorten the waiting for Christmas for you or your loved ones. First of all, of course, it's about culinary specialties that have made it into a Christmas calendar. After that there are other examples with "fillings" that you cannot (all) eat or drink;)

Wine advent calendar 2018

This Advent calendar with wine from Felsengartenkellerei Besigheim is the ideal gift for the run-up to Christmas - for friends of your friends or for yourself. You can use it to discover fine droplets and other delicacies for 24 days. Check it out ;)

Christmas calendar with wine
Order quickly, as it takes a while for the advent calendar to be ready for dispatch.

Beer Advent Calendar 2018

With the beer advent calendar for 2018 you should perhaps not start every new one of the 24 days of Advent, but perhaps enjoy the end of the day. Every day there is a new 0,33 l bottle with a beer from a different country - Brazil, Canada, Scotland, Spain, Vietnam, Japan and many more are represented.

24 doors with 24 beers
Try beer from all over the world and then get a gift? Sounds good!

Whiskey Advent Calendar 2018

The whiskey advent calendar is definitely something for connoisseurs, but not for bargain hunters. A total of 24 premium droplets are waiting to be discovered by all those who are enthusiastic about tasty and substantial drinks that have matured in the barrel. Not a bad one Idea for the run-up to Christmas!

24 x 20 ml to taste
The whiskey world tour takes you to Japan, Scotland, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, the USA and France, among others.

Whiskey Advent Calendar Deluxe (Scotch Single Malt)

If you don't like the above calendar with different whiskeys from all over the world (e.g. from Japan, the USA and Canada), you can buy the deluxe versionwhich, in addition to 24 single malt varieties from Scotland (Islands, Speyside, Higlands, Islay, etc.) also contains a tasting book with information on each drop. But the price is also substantial;)

Advent tasting of the deluxe version
Would you rather stay in Scotland, taste 24 single malts and classify them well-informed? Then order this set!

Coffee advent calendar 2018

Coffee is definitely something for (many) adults, and therefore also suitable in a corresponding Christmas calendar. The coffee advent calendar for the pre-Christmas season 2018 should be a "culinary journey for connoisseurs" and with 24 types of coffee from all over the world ring in the festival of love.

Contemplative, but awake!
The ideal Advent calendar for coffee lovers and those who want to become one. Ground beans from all over the world.

Tea Advent Calendar 2018

If you don't like coffee, you can too this Christmas calendar with 24 types of tea order - or give it away to tea lovers. If it is available again by December, you should definitely grab it, because according to the reviews, the tea advent calendar is great!

Good 24 times a day
If it is available again, you will make friends of hot drinks a joy with this tea advent calendar.

Spice Advent Calendar 2018

Before there is traditional food, stollen and biscuits on Christmas Eve and on the holidays, you can try a different spice from this spice advent calendar every day in Advent. From hot to exotic, everything should be included - if the calendar is available.

No products found.

Licorice Advent Calendar 2018

Liquorice is usually more for the more adult connoisseur - children rarely find pleasure in the liquorice delicacy. That's why you will also find a fine liquorice Advent calendar in this list for this year's delights in the run-up to Christmas. Just click here and order your copy.

Licorice for Advent
The black liquorice candy brings you closer to Christmas Eve with every piece.

Organic popcorn advent calendar 2018

There seems to be no stopping this year in the area of ​​original advent calendars for adults. You can buy the organic popcorn calendar for yourself or someone if you want to use the run-up to Christmas, for example, to catch up on all Netflix series that have not been watched during the year. Although… then you'd better order two at once of which: D

Popcorn for the Christmas movies
Whether three hazelnuts for Cinderella or Die Hard - with this Advent calendar you can manage the TV marathon!

Marzipan Christmas Calendar 2018

So it doesn't work completely without sweets. Therefore the classic here: Marzipan from Niederegger. You can buy two versions for yourself or your loved ones and either enjoy yourself or give pleasure as a gift: Cafe Niederegger or Marzipan classic variations.

Advent calendar for vegans

Whether vegan, vegan or vegan couple - there are also some calendars for this target group for the time before Christmas in 2018! There are various offers from foodlose and Boxiland to Primal Pantry and Moo Free. Here are the vegan advent calendars 2018 that I found in my search for original advent calendars for adults:

Chocolate Christmas calendar without sugar (with xylitol)

The chocolate in this countdown calendar for December is also vegan, i.e. lactose-free. But it is also suitable for people who have to pay attention to their sugar balance, because instead of sugar, this Advent calendar comes Xylitol as a sweetener for use.

Chocolate calendar without sugar
No sugar, no lactose and much else that is not in it - there is still chocolate to enjoy.

Special advent calendar for 2018

Now it comes to those Advent calendars 2018 for adults that have nothing to do with eating or drinking, but are supposed to shorten the waiting time for this year's Christmas season in a different way. Which is your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

Advent season for book freaks and bookworms

I was able to find two well-rated paper adventures on Amazon for all those who would rather read, paint, browse and be creative than munch on. The first is a 24-chapter novel that brings you closer to the end every day. The second is a mixture of creative tasks, coloring fun and puzzles:

Advent calendar for photographers

The book of the same name comes with 24 advanced photo tasks as paperback and e-book there, therefore. With two extra tasks (thank you cards and New Year's Eve) as well as numerous tips and reading samples from similar books, you will get enough input here to creatively embellish the waiting time until Christmas with the camera.

Wellness Advent Calendar 2018

Equipped with 24 different wellness products, this advent calendar ensures Relaxation between speculoos and the scent of fir trees. If you don't like the pink presentation or want to give away the advent calendar, you can at this point to be on the safe side, buy a copy in light blue;)

Advent calendar for geocachers and gardening enthusiasts (unfortunately not available)

Yes, there are numerous other pre-Christmas calendars, among others for geocachers or for garden lovers. However, some are currently no longer available - I'm a bit late with such an article this year ... If you know of other (and available) advent calendars for adults in 2018 that are particularly original, please leave a corresponding comment: )

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