OSX.Janicab.A ... and there is malware on the Mac

Security programs antivirus
Security programs antivirus

Security programs from well-known manufacturers help against worms, Trojans, phishing and other attacks on your computer security (Photo: © maxkabakov - Fotolia.com).

I am a big proponent of the theory that you don't need a [virus scanner-> virus scanner-mac] on a Mac, because nothing runs on it anyway, whatever virus comes in, because mostly it is .exe files that are directly used for the attack programmed by Windows PCs. With the success of iPhone & Co, OS X has also become more interesting for the [malware-> malware] specialists and here and there there is a bad guy who wants to make the Mac unsafe. In the current case, this is a Trojan called "OSX.Janicab.A".

This even manages to disguise itself as a PDF, but to be on the move as an executable program. The programmers of the malware have used a trick in the character coding that somehow introduces a right-left notation and thus also camouflages the ending of the program. Don't ask me how to do it. I have it . read through, but didn't understand anything about it. :)

This is how you can recognize the Trojan despite the PDF camouflage

As with all programs from the Internet, this supposed PDF also comes up with the question of the password if you want to open it. The password, however, should definitely NOT be entered, as this would give the Trojan the rights to do nonsense on the Mac.

But there are two things that should make an attentive Mac user suspicious if they happen to come across the Trojan:

  1. Normally, no PDF wants to have the password to execute when opening!
  2. The warning from OS X that appears when you double-click the Trojan is written from right to left and looks very strange. At this point, at the latest, all alarm bells should ring.

Remove OSX.Janicab.A using antivirus software

If you are unsure whether you are already "infected" by the Trojan or if you want to protect your system with an anti-virus program, you can "Norton Internet Security 5.0With the latest update, this [virus scanner for the Mac-> norton-internet-security-5-0] also has the signature of the OSX.Janicab.A Trojan on it and can effectively remove it.


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