Order from OTTO: Get your Nintendo Switch delivered in time for the release

Found at OTTO.de Nintendo Switch delivered on time, pre-order delivery on time for release

If you have the Nintendo Switch currently order online and want to have it delivered on time for the release, then unfortunately you cannot rely on Amazon and Co. Out of my own interest in the Switch, I was already at Media Markt to order there. However, even though I was only number 16 on the list, nobody could assure me that I would be able to hold the Nintendo Switch in my hands in time for the release on March 3, 2017. Now I have one through acquaintances Link to OTTO that surprised me positively.

Found at OTTO.de: Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild, protective bag and protective film for the handheld - all in a bundle for the usual price and available for release on March 3, 2017.
Found at OTTO.de: Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild, protective bag and protective film for the handheld - everything in a bundle for the usual price and available in time for the release on March 3rd, 2017.

Nintendo Switch, Zelda Breath of the Wild and bag in a bundle

At OTTO.de there is a set from the Nintendo Switch with a red and blue Joy-Con, the game Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild and an original switch bag with protective film (for the handheld) from Nintendo. The whole set is not overly expensive, but brings a normal price of 429,99 euros for all three items. If you want 24 months instead of the 36-month warranty, you can get this for an additional charge of 29,99 euros. "With our long-term guarantee you receive a guarantee of 36 months, i.e. a full 3 years. In the event of a complaint, you are always well covered. The surcharge for this long-term guarantee is € 29,99. The additional guarantee does not limit the statutory warranty.“, It says at OTTO.

OTTO Bundle: Buy Nintendo Switch with game and bag

If you are interested in the offer and want to order the bundle, then you can do through this link. The good thing about it: currently it says in the most beautiful green “available on the date of publication" on the website. Even Amazon can't even provide this notice for the console alone. The largest mail order company in the world no longer accepts pre-orders; Interested parties are informed with the note "currently not available“Punished. So I'm happy about the offer of the competition: "found at OTTO De Eh"As it is called in the advertising;)

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26 Responses to “Order from OTTO: get the Nintendo Switch delivered on time for the release”

  1. And did you get an email from Otto announcing the delay in delivery? I ordered in advance on January 19.01.2017, 2 and have now received notification that delivery will take at least 1 weeks, i.e. a delay of at least XNUMX week to the publication date. Uh!

    1. No, so far I have neither received a switch nor an email regarding the delivery delay. But it's tough when they first advertise that you will get it on the delivery date and then, so to speak, cannot keep the essence of the statement. You should actually cancel the matter directly and order elsewhere later. As an educational measure, so to speak. : D

    2. Worse still: I received a letter twice (for whatever reason) in which the order was canceled. The set would have been sold out. Fortunately, Otto support on the phone was very nice and returned my deposit (as a new customer you should make an advance payment of 90 EUR). Now I have it Switch with the Zelda game and the bag put together at Amazon, I will probably get the whole thing on 2.3. and it's cheaper than Otto. The best offer is always to be found up-to-date;)

  2. I ordered on February 06.02th and have not yet received a message about a delay. So I hope that everything arrives on release day

    1. Hello Mox,
      In case of doubt, the support can certainly say something about the availability / shipping. The OTTO support number is 01806-303030 (chargeable). There is also another one Callback service (free of charge) or the ability to contact customer service via email or chat. However, I have already heard from some OTTO customers that the delivery has already been postponed by two weeks. If it's really in a rush then I would definitely recommend contacting customer service.
      Good luck and good game! :)

      1. @Johannes Domke: Otto's service is not able to make any statements other than those in the customer account. So there is no point in contacting the service with these questions.

        Meanwhile there is something new for me: The Switch * should * be sent to me on the release day, but all accessories and games only in two weeks. That's why I have now canceled everything except the console and pre-ordered it from Amazon / Saturn, with the result that I can get or pick up everything on Friday 3.3.17.

        In any case, I'm curious to see whether Otto can do that with the switch on the release day.

        In any case, it was my first and last order from Otto - such a mess and back and forth ...

  3. I'll try it later. Since my 1-2 switch is now on will be processed shortly and the status of my set and the Pro Controller is still ordered - it takes a little longer, I suspect something bad.

  4. I have now got more of a standard answer from them to my question whether I will get everything on time.

    Thank you very much for your email.

    Your desired articles will be delivered on time for the publication date.

    Do you have anything else on your mind? I am happy to be there for you.

    I wish you a nice day and send my best regards

  5. I preordered on Jan 18th with Zelda included (available at release date). That was the Switch in gray because it was already "currently unavailable" on Amazon at the time.
    2 days later I got an email with the cancellation of the switch because it was sold out. After a brief contact with support, I received a 15 € voucher and the order was changed to blue / red, as there was supposedly enough contingent available.
    The first letter came a day later, as Johannes Domke already mentioned, with the cancellation of the gray switch. A day later another letter came. 3 days ago I received a call that the Zelda I ordered could not be delivered due to "manufacturer delays". I scrutinized the console and poked around until someone from another department told me that the Switch is very likely to not ship until Friday. Thus, a delivery for early orders would only be expected at the beginning of the following week.
    Not too bad in itself, but it's true: big mess, confused back and forth, nice support but wrongly advertised with "available on the release date". I like to give competitors a chance, but in this case Amazon would choose again.

    1. Johannes Domke

      Hello rul3r,
      I agree with you. The article here arose out of the euphoria that OTTO was apparently able to offer the console - even in the set - delivering on time when everything was sold out on Amazon. For me it was the second attempt; after a not very promising order in the local Media Markt branch. Ultimately, I also canceled this, because Amazon again had a switch and the appropriate accessories on offer. In short: after some back and forth, then Amazon. I think that electronics stores and mail order companies à la OTTO should adjust their order policy and only offer available contingents ... Technically, that could even be implemented with a simple Excel spreadsheet: D

    1. Actually with me. As of today, the account says "Delivery is being prepared by Hermes."

      I would not have thought ;-)

      1. Johannes Domke

        Cool! Then good luck that everything goes well and is delivered on time :)
        You are also welcome to leave your opinion on the Switch here, if you were able to use it - or under the corresponding one Articles on the console ;)

  6. Unfortunately nothing has changed for me in terms of order status, I will probably sit there on Friday without a console. Good luck to those whose console is now going out.

  7. Oh great I have another answer from Otto that looks like I can wait for the second batch, which otherwise comes when in April. Now I have 3 games and loads of accessories, but probably no console for the release.

    Are you waiting impatiently for your order? Believe me, I would have loved to have sent your wish on a journey today.

    In order to be able to give you a delivery time, I will ask the supplier right away. As soon as I have an answer for you, I will get in touch with you immediately. Please be patient a little longer.

    Do you have any questions or requests? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available for you around the clock.

    With best regards

    1. Johannes Domke

      Hello Mox,
      I would say, it's best to team up with rul3r - at least you have a console and tons of accessories: D
      But you could also visit electronics and toy stores or check Amazon to see if a switch is available again and by when. If you get one in these ways, you can still cancel the OTTO order ...

  8. The status has also been changed for me, shipping with Hermes is being prepared. The order was transmitted electronically in the shipment tracking. I will follow it with excitement….

    For that I would have (if it happens) a console with zero accessories :(
    Actually, I wanted a hard version of Zelda, but if all else fails, it will be via download. Hopefully the servers can take it.

    I took an extra vacation at short notice for Friday, I'm almost bursting with excitement :)

    1. Update:

      Shipment history in detail
      01.03.2017/07/52, 17:XNUMX:XNUMX am:
      The shipment was picked up from the sender.
      01.03.2017/04/35, 51:XNUMX:XNUMX am:
      The program was announced electronically to Hermes.

  9. I also ordered from Otto, the first time it was a cancellation, but then I saw that they could actually still deliver on Friday and then tried again. The transmission status is already out electronically for me too, which only worries me a bit if Otto actually doesn't send it until tomorrow - Hermes is known for being a bit "sloppy" and I would have liked to have had the part on Friday. Release party with colleagues is already planned :D Isn't there a forum somewhere where you can keep up to date with the broadcast status?

    1. In the OTTO order window, on the same level as "Shipping is being prepared by Hermes", you have the "Consignment tracking" button on the right...

      This even works relatively precisely, everything is tracked via ID.

    2. Johannes Domke

      Hello Heisenberg,
      you can use tracking as noted by rul3r. Otherwise, if you are on Facebook, you can also join the "Nintendo Switch Germany" group; there is a lively exchange and updates from many sources. A forum itself is not known to me ad hoc.

  10. I also ordered the switch from Otto ... I have not yet received an email that there are any delays ... I hope it arrives on time tomorrow

    1. You can easily check that on the Otto website under your orders.

      I have now been told that I will receive the console in a few days. The rest have already been sent today

  11. So my switch is here :) I'm looking forward to my birthday like a 13 year old. This morning I went to the Media-Markt (as the 3rd person to enter the store) to get the Pro Controller, the Zelda Cartridge and the protective case. But I don't understand this pre-order policy, because in the corridor there were 2 towers with switches for free sale and the shop was empty. At the pre-order pick-up station, I noticed how 2 people canceled their pre-orders and took the switch off the shelf.

    Well, I'll sit down right now and immerse myself in another world until this evening: D

  12. Trari trara, my switch is now also there. Otto actually managed it.

    Switch from Otto
    Games from amazon
    Accessories from Saturn

    That was a really nice organizational act, but it all turned out well for me.

    I wish everyone, who also managed it, a lot of fun and a nice gaming weekend.

    Everyone else, condolences and your time is yet to come!

    Best regards,

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