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Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 43

And already it's Friday again, this time the last in 2018 with daylight saving time! Don't forget to change the clock on the weekend; maybe from the living room to the kitchen. But before that, as usual, there is the good old [...]

TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones - the best models at a glance

TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones are popular with users from different fields. Not only in-ear and sports headphones for wireless music on the go, but also TaoTronics over-ear headphones are in demand. Through various technologies, the individual TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones also offer [...]

Apple iPhone event: tomorrow - New device rumors: today (short message)

Tomorrow, September 12, 2018, the Apple Special Event for the new devices from the technology giant from Cupertino will take place at 19:00 p.m. Central European Time. The September keynote will be held for the second time in the Steve Jobs Theater in [...]

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 33

Summer is still well underway, but the upcoming Apple September 2018 event already heralds autumn. Let's zoom in from the season over the months and weeks to today's [...]

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 26

New headphones from Apple, a second HomePod generation, the agreement between Samsung and Apple, Google Pay, YouTube Premium, Elgato, a children's book for a good cause, Pokémon and a few other topics are featured in the Sir Apfelot newsreel […]

Apple HomePod in the test: My report on the HomeKit loudspeaker

Usually I'm a bit lame when it comes to test reports. To date, I haven't written a review of the iPhone X, although it really deserves one. I am all the more proud that [...]

Use bone conduction headphones as a hearing aid with iOS 12 "Live Listening"

The "Live Listen" function under iOS 12 on the Apple iPhone is basically nothing new. In iOS 11 there is already the option of using the smartphone as a microphone to hear in real time via hearing aids [...]

AirFly: Bluetooth adapter for jack, AirPods and other BT headphones

Twelve South recently launched the AirFly adapter for devices that have a jack output, but which you want to use with Bluetooth headphones such as the Apple AirPods. The device can easily be connected to the [...]

Use Apple AirPods individually - how and why?

The Apple AirPods, which were first ridiculed and then praised by everyone, wireless Bluetooth headphones from Cupertino, have three different uses: only on the left, only on the right or both at the same time. Of course, when listening to music, the [...]

Lightning Docking Station for iPhone and iPad mini - a selection of the best docks

The fact that Apple has in the meantime taken the obligatory docking station out of its range and thought that something is not used anyway was obviously a misjudgment. The responsible product managers had to admit that and then with [...]