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Google with its own “AirPods”: wireless headphones called Bisto

According to information from 9to5Google and other platforms, Google headphones are currently being developed under the name Bisto, which are to be wirelessly connected to smartphones via Bluetooth and thus also to Google voice assistance. On the competing product [...]

Instead of iPod Nano and Shuffle: iPod Touch and HomePod in the Apple Shop

Apple has said goodbye to the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle in its online shop. You can no longer buy the two iPod devices via the official Apple website. The iPod remains the only model in this product line [...]

iPhone, headphones and driving - prohibited or not?

Using the iPhone or headphones like the Apple AirPods while driving - is that forbidden per se, or are there exceptions? I want to get to the bottom of this question with the following considerations. Because […]

Various Lightning Aux adapters for the iPhone 7 in the test

Immediately after buying my iPhone 7 Plus it was already clear in principle that sooner or later a Lightning Aux adapter with charging function would have to be found that I can use in the car to listen to music and [...]

Double Lightning adapter: charge the battery, audio and more with the iPhone splitter

With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has said goodbye to the headphone jack and largely reduced the connectivity for charging the battery, headphones and other accessories to a Lightning connector. Although there was [...]

Apple AirPods: Wireless headphones convince 98% of users

The Apple AirPods, the wireless headphones from Cupertino that are paired with the iPhone via Bluetooth, are not a rare topic here in the blog. Shortly after the official presentation of the AirPods by Apple there was [...]

Apple Watch charging station in Macintosh 128k design from ELAGO

Apple Watch charging station: If you are looking for a charging station for your Apple Watch and are at the same time a fan of the old-school design á la Macintosh 128k, you should take a look at the W3 Vintage Stand from ELAGO (and [...]

How-to: reset Apple AirPods and fix connection issues

In a recently published help article, Apple shows how you can connect the AirPods to devices running iOS 10.2 or newer, watchOS 3 or newer, or macOS Sierra or newer. Also what you can do when [...]

AirPods in the test: detailed experience report on the wireless Apple headphones

Rene Ritchie from iMore had the opportunity to subject the AirPods from Apple to a test, the report of which ended up being quite extensive. Here I would like to share with you the highlights of the experience report on the Apple AirPods [...]

EarSkinz for EarPods and AirPods: covers for Apple headphones prevent falling out

If the EarPods from Apple always plop you out of your ears while running or doing other activities, then the EarSkinz Covers ES2 could help you. Since the shape of the EarPods and the AirPods is not quite [...]