Pages, Number and Keynote are now in the cloud

iWork on iCloud

Although the Pages, Numbers and Keynote icons can still be found with a thick yellow "BETA" banderole, at least all [iCloud users->icloud] can now try this web software. This free Office Light version from Apple is supposed to work with the common browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (what kind of browser was that again?!?). Now that these iWork stories can also be used online for free, many Mac users are of course wondering whether they will soon be able to use the standaloneApps get it on iOS and Mac for free. If you want a non-binding statement here, you can use the seething [rumor mill->rumor mill]. I'll just stop here and visit Pages in iCloud...

iWork on iCloud
With the latest iCloud update, the beta versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote can now also be found in the cloud.

Who is now on Pages falls in the cloud, the first thing that is pointed out is that he can currently only expect control buttons in English. The localization will surely still happen when the whole thing is taken out of beta status. What pops up next after trying to open a Pages template: "You Browser is not fully supported! For the best Safari for iCloud experience, use the latest version of Pages.” Huh?! Do you want me to use the latest version of Pages? I just called it up - or is there something newer than the online version? I assume they want to tell me not to use Firefox and prefer Safari instead. I suppose there needs to be a little de-beta on the warnings as well.

Pages in iCloud
Pages is now also available in the iCloud and welcomes the user warmly.

Otherwise I have to say that the whole thing already makes a good impression. I dragged and dropped pictures, changed fonts and did similar things and despite my lame DSL, which I also had to bother with backing up a complete website via [FTP-> ftp], it went very quickly. I am curious how it will be when there is no more beta in front of it!

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