Pages, Numbers and Keynote: Start the week with updated iWork apps

At the end of last week, Apple provided updates for three of its iWork apps: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. There were adjustments not only to the macOS versions for the Mac, but also to the iOS and iPadOS versions for iPhone and iPad. The programs for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations are now available in version 10.1. I've summarized what's new for you below. I personally noticed that Pages on the Mac no longer starts with the previously introduced thumbnails or table of contents bar on the left, but in the "only document" view, which is very practical for writing blog entries ;)

The three Apple iWork apps called Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been updated to version 10.1 for Mac as well as for iPhone and iPad. Here's what's new about it.
The three Apple iWork apps called Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been updated to version 10.1 for Mac as well as for iPhone and iPad. Here's what's new about it.

Update for Pages on Mac, iPhone and iPad

An interesting innovation is that you can now insert web videos (e.g. from YouTube or Vimeo) directly into the document as a playable object. You can do this via the menu Insert and over there Web video .... In addition, objects such as images, videos and the like can be provided with titles and subtitles. New functions ensure here as well as in Numbers for more flexibility in formulas. Important for authors: iBooks Author books can now be opened and edited in Pages on the Mac. Importantly for iPhone and iPad, the new reading view lets you zoom and scroll without accidentally selecting or changing anything.

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Update for Numbers on Mac, iPhone and iPad

In spreadsheets, too, it is now, for whatever reason, possible that web videos can be implemented and played. In addition, objects can now be given titles and subtitles in Numbers, which should improve the overview. New functions help you edit text, match patterns and flexibly design formulas - this includes, for example, B. XLOOKUP, XCOMPARE, and REGEX. Here, too, there is a new reading view for the iPhone and iPad so that nothing is accidentally selected or changed when scrolling and zooming.

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Update for Keynote on Mac, iPhone and iPad

Exactly where the integration of web videos from sources such as YouTube or Vimeo would make the most sense, the function is left out. But there are also titles and subtitles for objects in the new Keynote version. In addition, presentations can now be made in a window so that switching to other apps is easier - for example in a video conference. Films from local files can now be played at slide transitions. Those who like to use animations can now “align objects with the path” so that they always point in the right direction (e.g. arrows) while they are moving. 

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3 thoughts on “Pages, Numbers, and Keynote: Start the week with updated iWork apps”

  1. Unfortunately, Pages is still not usable when it comes to writing text in tables across multiple pages. The developers have not yet managed to fix this nasty bug.
    If you z. For example, if you want to write a synopsis to compare an old and a new legal text, you will not succeed. The text in a table column is not continued on the following page, but is simply cut off. Sometimes all of the text is carried over to the new page and the previous page is blank.
    The problem is solvable. Word can do it. Wordperfect too. Pages don't.

  2. As long as Office 2016 for Mac is still running reasonably well, I will continue to work with this package instead of the three Mac I-Work programs. You hear and read very little about I-Work apps, hence my reservation.

    1. My experiences are also mixed. I didn't book Office 365 for free ... there are just too many cases in which I get stuck with Numbers and Pages because they have some strange bugs. And especially when you have to exchange data with other people here and there, I like to be on the safe side and use Microsoft solutions.

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