Paparazzi & Tailor: Save websites and chat history as an image or PDF (Mac, iPhone)

Save web pages in full length as an image or PDF, you can either laboriously with individual screenshots that you put together using the Firefox developer tool or with the paparazzi Mac app. There is also the for websites, WhatsApp message histories and similarly long window contents on the iPhone Tailor App. Here I would like to briefly introduce both of you so that you can save websites and chat histories in full as an image or PDF.

Save a full-length website as an image file or PDF, Apple Mac app

Save a web page in its entirety as an image file or PDF? This is possible on the Apple Mac with Paparazzi! On the iPhone you can use the Tailor App Use to stitch screenshots together.

Paparazzi Mac App: Save web pages as graphics or PDF

For the Apple Mac, iMac and for the Apple MacBook you can use the Paparazzi app download here. In addition to the creation of a complete image of the selected website, there are a few other features in the software. For example, the aspect ratio of the resulting file can be determined in advance. In addition to saving the website as a graphic file, you can also convert it to a PDF.

Under the current version paparazzi! 1.0b6 Incidentally, there are some nice new features for Mac OS X and macOS - JavaScript and blocked Flash content no longer cause image problems as often. You can find the change log of the app here .

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Tailor iOS app: websites and chat histories as image files

Have you ever tried to merge individual screenshots of websites or app content displayed on your iPhone into one picture? It would be better if a program detects the overlapping of individual recordings and then attaches them to one another like a composite panorama photo ... And that is exactly what the Tailor iOS app for the Apple iPhone does. You can find information about this and the download in Apple App Store.

The app is free, by the way, but ads are displayed. As an in-app purchase, the advertising can also be removed for a fee. Do you know a completely free alternative? Then off to the comments! ;)

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