PAWBBY P1 Ultra – Automatically emptying litter box with €200 discount (sponsor)

Keeping cats is a nice thing. But if they relieve themselves in the apartment, then you need a litter box. Cleaning this is not the most rewarding task. This is also what some device manufacturers think, offering models with automatic emptying into a collection container and other gadgets.

Among the high-tech solutions is the PAWBBY P1 Ultra. In addition to several sensors for cat detection and monitoring the waste compartment, it offers an OLED display for control and an app for remote operation. And it resembles an old television or a mini washing machine.

TL; DR: Buy the luxury litter box here for 499 euros instead of 699 euros

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PAWBBY P1 Ultra - cats up to 8 kg, waste container for up to 8,6 liters

The PAWBBY luxury litter box is equipped with numerous sensors: proximity sensor for stopping cleaning when a cat approaches, entry sensor for detecting the cat entering, weight sensor for measuring the cat's weight, sensor for the waste container fill level and so on.

The whole thing is intended to ensure safe use by one or more cats and is tested by TÜV Rheinland. For kittens, pregnant cats and old cats, a special mode can be activated in which the automatic cleaning function is deactivated for greater safety.

The PAWBBY P1 Ultra is designed for cats from 1,5kg to 8kg. The waste container, which holds up to 8,6 liters, ensures that you only have to clean the litter box (or remove the collection bag) every 14 days. In combination with automatic feeders, you can leave the cat alone for the weekend or even longer without it becoming neglected.

The PAWBBY P1 Ultra is said to be suitable for the use of various cat litters, but the manufacturer naturally recommends its own brand. To ensure that the litter box and the apartment stay clean, the delivery includes a mat that is placed in front of the entrance or exit.

Don't see it, don't smell it, just take care of it every two weeks

The box, which resembles an old television or a small washing machine, only has an opening at the front through which the cats can come and go. This way you can save yourself the sight of an open litter box. Ventilation with odor-stopping agents is also integrated.

The in-house and enclosed fragrance is intended to ensure that the litter box does not emit an unpleasant smell without any health concerns for the cat. By and large, you should only have to deal with your four-legged roommate's excretions every two weeks - and not with a shovel, but by pulling up and disposing of a garbage bag.

By the way, the PAWBBY P1 Ultra litter box is aimed at different target groups (with the necessary change). Because not only everyone who has a cat for the first time and has to get used to dealing with their metabolic end products should feel addressed. But also those who are often away for several days, go on business trips and/or like to go on vacation.

As part of Black Friday, the PAWBBY P1 Ultra is available currently available cheaper on Amazon. A 29% discount is applied, meaning the price drops from 699 euros to 499 euros. The offer is valid until November 27, 2023 and not only makes the cat happy...

PAWBBY P1 Ultra self-cleaning cat litter box, self-cleaning cat litter box, TÜV certification,...
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PAWBBY P1 Ultra self-cleaning cat litter box, self-cleaning cat litter box, TÜV certification,...
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4 comments on “PAWBBY P1 Ultra – Automatically emptying litter box with €200 discount (sponsor)”

  1. Have you tried this thing? Just from the size it looks like it is only suitable for babies. My big cat is 7 kilos and needs space to scratch.

    1. I'll see if they can send me one to test. My cat is also 7 kg, but we also have 4 kg kitties. But knowing them, they prefer to pee somewhere they're not allowed to pee anyway. 😂

      1. I would really be interested in that. We have the largest model there is.

        I know it from my gang: head back and then pee in the entrance.

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