Canceling a PayPal subscription - explained step by step

In the last few weeks I have tried many Internet tools that I might want to use for search engine optimization. As a rule, the tools offer you a test phase, but you have to store a means of payment for this, which will then be charged if you do not cancel within the test period.

So far so good. So I usually use my PayPal account as a means of payment, as I tend to keep an overview here than with credit card payments.

Where can I find the subscriptions with PayPal?

I've asked myself this question a lot in the last few days, because if you don't go to the account of the tool that you have booked and cancel the subscription there, then you only have the direct route via PayPal.

I even recently had the case that the provider's page could no longer be accessed by an authoring tool - 3 days before the subscription was supposed to start with a payment. That was motivation enough to find out how to find the subscriptions in the PayPal account. But first of all: it is not obvious. I think I would never have ended up in the right place without a long search.

How to cancel a Paypal subscription is explained in three simple steps in the screenshot (graphic: Sir Apfelot).

How to cancel a Paypal subscription is explained in three simple steps in the screenshot (graphic: Sir Apfelot)

Small inset:

Instructions: to the subscription list on Paypal

But now to the instructions. I wrote down the route to the subscriptions in my business PayPal account. If you want to follow, please this way:

  1. log into the PayPal account
  2. click on the name at the top right
  3. Account settings
  4. left on "money, bank accounts and credit cards"
  5. on the right next to "Payments by direct debit" click on "Set up payments by direct debit"

A list will now appear with all active and already canceled subscriptions connected to this PayPal account. If some are still "active" that you do not need, you can call up the details of the dealer debit and then click on "Cancel".

In most cases you don't have to cancel the service even then, but if it is a provider from the EU, I would strongly recommend that you also close the account on their website and send the cancellation to the company by email.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to use the comment function.


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  1. Chartie says:

    But it looks completely different for me ... Possibly because of a private account?
    In any case, it is clearer and everything can be accessed via a menu.
    Unfortunately I cannot upload the screenshot here. I'll send it in response to the newsletter ...

    • Jens Kleinholz says:

      So my PayPal account is a commercial one. It may be that it looks different with a private person ... I like to look at your screenshot.

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