Telephone number of the Apple Support Hotline in Germany

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Apple Care Protection includes various services that are designed to support rapid problem resolution.

In most cases, the use of Apple devices is actually self-explanatory and can be managed even by newcomers without support. In some cases, if you have gotten a [Montagsgerät->montagsgeraet] or want to contact Apple Support because of other problems, it is helpful if you have the direct number to the Apple support hotline in Germany ready. Sometimes you also read about the Apple Care hotline, but this is the same extension. the Apple Care Depending on the scope, Protection includes a different service. You can find out more about the possibilities at Apple Care [on this page->apple-care].

Preparation before calling the support hotline

Before you contact Apple Support by phone, you should get in touch Find the serial number of the devicethat one has problems with. If this concerns a software problem, look for the serial number of the device on which the software is running. The serial number is requested every time the hotline is called and, depending on the date of purchase, the support team decides whether it will be free of charge or whether (after the warranty or guarantee has expired) there will be costs for telephone support. Without a serial number you can usually not expect in-depth help, because the Apple employee can use the serial number to determine exactly which device and which equipment you are looking at. This is essential especially with "hardware" problems.

The Apple Care support hotline numbers can also be found on the Apple website in the Overview of all worldwide support telephone numbers. For people from the German-speaking area, however, we have collected the three most important ones here (without the country code):

  • Germany: 0800 66 45 451
  • Austria: 0800 220325
  • Switzerland: 0848 000 132 (local, national telephone charges apply)

We can sincerely recommend Apple Care phone support. We have had contact with the people there several times and our problems have always been handled and solved competently and courteously.

Good luck!

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  1. Dr. Eagle says:

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
    I've been using Apple products for a while
    Like I-tunes, air-play. Audio face-time calls
    Or the possibility of renting films in the Apple store.
    My questions are:
    1. How long will the data generated thereby be stored?
    2, Who will the data be made available to?
    3. Is the selection of the products (e.g. which films are available for selection) subject to political or ideological criteria?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mr. Adler!
      Unfortunately, I am not an Apple support representative. Just a blogger who collected information about Apple Support. Please contact Apple directly with your question. You will surely be helped there.
      Best regards!

  2. Heinzmann says:

    iPad crashes while playing! First blue screen, then Apple sign Restart! What can I do?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Marion! I am not the Apple Support Hotline, but I like to try to help: Does the iPad always crash during the same game or does it also crash with other apps? And is the game compatible with your iPad and iOS version? Sometimes there are problems ...

      • Heinzmann says:

        No in almost all games! But only after a while! But I can use the internet normally without crashing! What could that be? Virus?

        • sir appleot says:

          Hello Marion! I would rule out a virus if you didn't jailbreak it. But it could be that the processor is getting too hot or the board is cracking. This usually leads to a crash when the iPad has to compute a lot, which is more common with games than with apps like Pages or when surfing the Internet. You can test it out by playing a 3D shooter or a 3D car race. If the crash happens very quickly, the temperature is probably the problem. Then it would be a case for Apple Support (exchange, if still under warranty). Best wishes!

          • Heinzmann says:

            I just tried! And went straight out! Is it expensive to have something exchanged?
            Can you fix something like that?

          • sir appleot says:

            Certainly only an appropriate workshop. I would go to an Apple Store and ask there. They can certainly help ...

  3. Werner Prete says:

    my name is Werner Preite.
    My iPhone 6s was stolen last October!
    Now I get e-mails from iPhone Connect or Find My iPhone almost every day that allegedly found my cell phone, asking for my apple id. and enter password, then I could supposedly see where my cell phone is.
    If you now want to ask whether the mails can be real, the police would like to know.
    Werner Prete

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Werner! First of all, sorry about the loss. :(
      Because of the email: You would have to be able to take a closer look at one. In the case of phishing emails, I can usually tell from the linked pages in the email whether they really come from Apple or from a potential hacker. If you get emails almost every day, it sounds more like hackers and less like Apple. If you like, you can send me one of the emails and I'll have a look. Please do not send your login and password to me. ;)

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