Fascinating physics toys for children and adults (part 3/3)

In the third and last part of this series of articles, I will once again present several physics toys for children and adults, which can be used to illustrate physical laws, processes and rules. Fun, learning success and sometimes a great decoration for the desk or living room result from the individual products. They are definitely suitable as a present for Christmas, for a birthday or for a better understanding of physics. If you know any other fascinating physics toys for young and old, please leave a comment on the topic;)

In the third and last part of the series of articles on fascinating physics toys for children and adults you will find more practical and educational articles.
In the third and last part of the series of articles on fascinating physics toys for children and adults you will find more practical and educational articles.

Penultimate - floating ballpoint pen

This is definitely something for the desk! The floating ballpoint pen comes with a holder in which it appears to be placed on the air. Of course, he can also write. The Penultimate clearly shows what powerful effects magnetism can have. If you only want to see the magnetic effect and turn the floating object more effectively than is possible with the pen, you can too order this model. 

This floating ballpoint pen can not only rotate on the spot, but also write. Inexpensive physics toy and decorative element.
Floating strobe pen
The vertical stripes in white and black make it easier to follow the rotation around your own axis during the hovering state.

Kinetic wheel 

The Kinetic Wheel is a well-known physics toy that teaches different things with simple means. Last but not least, hand-eye coordination can be trained well with it. In addition, practical knowledge about rotational impulses, gravity and magnets are imparted. The LED lighting of this model also ensures that the individual items are presented in a visually appealing way. A battery for this is already included in the scope of delivery, according to the customer reviews on Amazon.

Kinetic wheel
The bike is maneuvered over the metal struts with skillful hand movements. Rotation and precise movements ensure that it does not come to a standstill or fall.


The HypnoGizmo toys is not only intended for understanding the laws of physics, but also for calming down or simply having fun with the movement of the various balls. These move from one side of the curved cylinder to the other by turning the housing on its axis of rotation. The movement of the balls results from the centrifugal force. Here one Video, in which this is clearly explained.

3D hologram with magic bowl

Two bowls mirrored on the inside and a frog - that's all it doesn't seem to need to create a 3D hologram. Not even batteries. "You can see the object but simply cannot grasp it," says the Amazon product description. Before you buy, you should read the customer reviews; here's an example:

The resulting hologram is fascinating for children and adults alike. I didn't think it would look so amazingly real. You put a small object [...] into the lower shell, put the lid on and then see the object above the opening. I remove a star because the mirror film became a bit cloudy after a short time and cannot really be cleaned. Unfortunately, a frog wasn't there either.

3D hologram in the shell
The principle is simple and yet explains complex optical issues. You put a small object in the bowl, put the lid on it and the object appears to appear above the lid.

Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is play sand that has been mixed with certain binders and used in conjunction with the right one Sand mold set leads to a lot of fun. At the Apfelot house, young and old alike have had private experiences with sand, which is why this is the place to go the 5 kg pack Kinetic sand should be recommended;) How the sand, which only sticks to itself, looks like in action, this shows this video.

On the Amazon product page you will not only find a lot of customer reviews and ratings that describe the sand as good and very good. But also the choice between packs of 2,5 kg. 5 kg and 20 kg.

No products found.

Solar system clock with sun and planets

First of all, it has to be said that this watch is less a toy than a commodity. It is one Wall clock, which has a yellow and gold sphere representing the sun in the center of the dial. Three spheres move around this sun, representing Venus (seconds), Earth (minutes) and Mars (hours) in corresponding colors. Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, is missing here. That's why you should this clock only to be used as decoration and timepiece, but not as an astronomy teaching aid;) There are also Models without colored balls.

Wall clock with magnetic balls
The solar system clock may not be correct in terms of the number and size of the planets, and the speed of the orbit around the sun is also incorrect - in return you get a unique clock that shows the time a little differently.
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