Pinecone Research - Earn up to 3 euros per survey (sponsor)

Pinecone Research is a provider of product surveys where you receive up to 3 euros per completed questionnaire. With the surveys carried out online, you can not only earn money, but also influence the products of tomorrow. Because the results of the surveys flow directly into the market research. In addition to the payment of earned points in the form of money, there are also prizes for which they can be exchanged. You come to register with Pinecone Research with this link. Further information on digital market research can be found here in the article.

Register at Pinecone Research, fill out surveys, get points and exchange them for money or prizes - it's that easy!

Register at Pinecone Research, fill out surveys, get points and exchange them for money or prizes - it's that easy!

Pinecone Research awards points for surveys carried out

Pinecone Research is active nationwide and tries to map an average opinion of German consumers with as many survey participants as possible. The individual surveys offer added value for individual companies or industries, as the participants - and therefore also tend to convey their opinion on products or product ideas. This is rewarded with points that can be exchanged for cash payments or prizes. The monetary value of the points is up to 3 euros per completed and sent survey. You will find out by email when a new survey is available for you as a selected target group. You won't miss a questionnaire;)

PayPal, product samples and more information

Payment of the remuneration is possible, for example, to your own bank account, but can also be realized via PayPal. Also important to know: in addition to pure text surveys on virtually presented products, there are also product samples. Pinecone Research points out, however, that these may only be tested by the selected recipients. It is not intended to be passed on to friends, acquaintances or family members. This is also important to know, as in some product tests the manufacturers want the test products or the remains of the samples provided to be returned. This is used to evaluate how the products will look after real use. For more information in the form of questions and answers, see the Pinecone Research FAQ. To register for the survey program you come here.


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