Playbrush: The toothbrush as a game controller for child-friendly tooth brushing

playbrush brushing teeth kids app toothbrush game

With the playbrush This should be an attachment for standard toothbrushes Brushing teeth made more attractive for children become. The cone-shaped game controller communicates via Bluetooth with the smartphone on its screen controlled by the movements of the toothbrush a game becomes. There is also information on dental care in the child-friendly game called "Utoothia" (Mix of Utopia and Tooth, the English word for tooth). The aim of the game is to help the tooth fairy fight tooth decay and the like. More information about the playbrush and to App I put you in the following paragraphs.

Playbrush: From kick starter to popular toothbrush helper

The Playbrush toothbrush attachment bears the title "Made with Kickstarter". The three developers of the device and the app, Matthäus Ittner, Paul Varga and Tolulope Ogunsina, have already been able to market their idea in many parts of the world. On Amazon you can also find the product, together with 31 reviews bearing 5 stars; 4 reviews bearing 4 stars; and currently has a 1 star rating. However, it was an irregular failure of the device (or the Playbrush was not loaded or not loaded correctly).

playbrush brushing teeth kids app toothbrush game

Playbrush attachments in pink and blue as well as a smartphone with the appropriate app; Image source: Amazon

Children seem to love brushing their teeth with the Playbrush

Here are a few excerpts from the Reviews of the Playbrush on Amazon, which are also a "verified purchase":

"[...] My son has been brushing his teeth voluntarily since Christmas and is totally motivated to collect more and more points. After really many years of screaming and fighting while brushing my teeth, I would never have dreamed of this and I can really recommend this product to EVERYONE who has difficulty encouraging their children to brush their teeth!"

playbrush brushing teeth kids app toothbrush game

"Everything runs perfectly, easy operation and a lot of fun :-) For my 8 year old son, brushing teeth was always negative. He always whined around !! But now since he has Playbrush, he comes to me himself and really likes to brush his teeth :-) He is sooo enthusiastic and kept talking about what will be waiting for him in the next world. The self-control is also great, where it should get even better :-) [...] "

playbrush brushing teeth kids app toothbrush game

"At first glance, the adapter for the toothbrush doesn't look like it's worth the money - but that's deceptive. The children think it's really cool to brush their teeth and collecting medals encourages ambition.
Several children can use the same adapter, which in turn generates costs. Unfortunately, not all toothbrushes fit, but the cost of a new one is limited.
The games can be obtained for free in the app store - there are currently 3 different ones.
If you forget to brush your teeth, a reminder is sent to the I-Ding.
[...] "

Using the Playbrush is child's play

Basically, there are only three important steps in using the Playbrush to brush your teeth:

  • Inserting the toothbrush into the Playbrush controller
  • Download and / or launch the game app
  • Brush your teeth while collecting points, medals and other progress
playbrush brushing teeth kids app toothbrush application

Applying the Playbrush in simple steps; Image source: Amazon

If the Playbrush battery should be discharged once, then it can be completely conveniently charged via a USB port become. The connection for this is located on the inner part of the foot piece of the Playbrush. It is protected by the handle that closes all around, so that no water can penetrate when brushing your teeth.

Download the Utoothia app for iOS and Android

The App for child-friendly tooth brushing is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod im App Store; as well as for Android devices in Play Store. Included is a Exciting game designed for children, an overview of cleaning successes, received and future medals as well as a character selection with customization options and a Instructions on how to properly brush your teeth and how to control the game correctly.

playbrush brushing teeth kids app screenshots

The Utoothia app in some screenshots; Image source: Apple App Store

Brushing teeth for children: Buy Playbrush from Amazon

If you guys motivate them to brush their teeth want or have children for whom you have the Simplify oral hygiene want, then you can playbrush order from Amazon. By the way, on the page you can choose whether you want to purchase the device directly from the Austrian manufacturer or from Conrad Electronic. It is not only direct from the manufacturer cheaperbut it also fall no shipping costs

What do you think of the device and the Brushing teeth as a game for children? Have you already Experience with the Playbrush can collect or did you hear about it for the first time? Do you want to order them? Please leave a comment! Thanks.

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