PlayStation 5 - Sony reveals technical data (+ comparison to PS4)

Sony announced the technical data of the PlayStation 5 at a very technical and rather boring press conference yesterday. The event, aimed primarily at developers and technology freaks, which could be streamed from 17:00 p.m. Central European time on YouTube, but also revealed information for future users. Behind the explanations about the custom SSD hard drive, the specially developed flash controller, the GPU and Co. is above all one statement: the PlayStation 5 will set new standards. Loading times are noticeably shorter (or vanishingly short), more content can be loaded in less time and graphics and sound are better ...

Technical data of the PlayStation 5: a custom SSD hard drive, its own flash controller and more lead to an outstanding performance with minimal loading times. Here you can find the PS5 specs from Sony.
Technical data of the PlayStation 5: a custom SSD hard drive, its own flash controller and more lead to an outstanding performance with minimal loading times. Here you can find the PS5 specs from Sony.

Road to PS5 - Technical Keynote Reveals Specs of the New Console

Among other things, it was explained at yesterday's keynote on the Sony PS5 that an SSD is faster than an HDD. But most of them know that. In further explanations, however, the tricks and tweaks came to light that Sony uses with the hardware specially designed for the PlayStation 5 to get the most out of the gaming experience. 

Therefore, there are also certain requirements for the SSD storage expansion that can be built into the PS5 to expand the internal storage of 825 GB. The whole presentation of the new hardware "The Road to PS5", which is sure to be interesting for developers and technology geeks, can be found as Video on YouTube and embedded below:

Sony PlayStation 5 data sheet and comparison to PlayStation 4

But now we come to what you are probably most interested in: the specs, i.e. the technical data of the PlayStation 5 from Sony. In the following I have summarized them for you in comparison with the previous model, the PlayStation 4. There is a clear improvement; Whether this will result in revolutionary games and fundamentally new concepts for the gaming experience remains to be seen - just like with the Microsoft Xbox-Series X.

PS4 (2013) PS5 (2020)
Processor Octa-Core CPU with Jaguar cores and 1,6 GHz Octa-core CPU with Zen 2 cores and 3,5 GHz
graphic card Custom GCN GPU with 1,84 teraflops and 18 CUs with 800 MHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU with 10,28 TeraFLOPS and 36 CUs with 2,23 GHz
random access memory 8 GB GDDR5 16GB GDDR6 RAM
Internal memory 500 GB HDD 825 GB custom SSD
I / O processing 50 to 100 MB / s 5,5 GB / s raw and up to 9 GB / s compressed
memory expansion Replacement of the HDD hard drive NVMe slot for SSD hard drive
Further memory interface USB with hard drive support USB with hard drive support
optical drive Blu-Ray 4K UHD Blu Ray
Other features Slim and Pro versions from 2014 to 2018 Tempest Engine for 3D audio, reverb and possibly also ray tracing, faster booting and loading

PlayStation 5: Design, release and price are still pending

Now the specifics regarding the internal hardware and the expected performance of the Sony PlayStation 5 are known. However, no picture of the console itself was shown yesterday as part of the “Road to PS5”. The PS5 design remains a mystery and remains the subject of speculation. In addition, nothing was said about the PlayStation 5 release or the price. With regard to the publication, however, it can be said with a high degree of probability that autumn 2020 is also targeted here so that the console can be given away for Christmas. What do you think of that? What will the PS5 look like, what will it cost and when will it be available to buy / order? Feel free to leave a comment;)

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