Podcast clients for iPhone and iPad

Have you been to the Hype train Have you jumped up or have been part of the “Podcast” topic since the audio contributions from various people and ensembles that were regularly published online? How you relate to podcasts, their diversity and your personal favorites: there are various apps that support you on the iPhone and iPad for managing, listening to and enjoying the audio content. Are you looking for the right iOS software, then take a look at the following podcast clients for iPhone and iPad;)

Podcast clients for iPhone and iPad with various functions can be found here. A favorite with many useful functions is the Procast iOS app.

Podcast clients for iPhone and iPad with various functions can be found here. A favorite with many useful functions is the Procast iOS app.

Podcast clients for iPhone and iPad

For listening, downloading, offline listening and keeping an overview of the individual episodes of your favorite podcast a wide variety of iOS applications are suitable. With the popularity of online audio content growing in recent years, the market has also grown quite a bit. However, you can find a few podcast clients for the iPhone and iPad in the wide range that combine many advantages. In the following I will introduce you to a very good one of these podcast apps, but I don't want to withhold the numerous alternatives from you. Therefore I am adding them to the explanations as a list.

Procast: manage episodes, cut, play faster, etc.

Procast offers various useful functions that you as podcast fans will surely find useful. The software for the iOS operating system, rated with an average of 4,4 out of 5 stars, also receives practical updates with bug fixes and new functions. These are the current options offered by the app:

  • Inbox: Here you can find all the new episodes of the podcasts you have subscribed to; As with Tinder, you can swipe left or right to add the episodes to your listening list or mark them as uninteresting
  • My Podcasts: This is the overview of favorites and downloaded episodes; you can also take out or end subscriptions here
  • Cuts: With Cuts you create recordings and audio snippets of your favorite passages, which you can then share with others
  • Discover: Procast's browsing tool, in which - as the name suggests - you can discover new, interesting podcasts from all over the world
  • Import: Have you used other podcast apps so far? Then import your subscriptions and episodes with this tool
  • Speed ​​and sleep timer: When playing, you can either reduce the playback speed of the podcast to x0,9 or increase it to up to x2,0; You can also set a snooze time and skip a certain time at the beginning of new episodes (keyword: intro)

[appbox appstore id1215380730]

More podcast apps for iOS

Here I have put together a few useful podcast clients for iOS on the iPhone and iPad - some for free, others at low prices. The list does not follow any particular order and is also not a top list. The individual features, advantages and disadvantages of the small programs for listening to and managing podcasts on the mobile device can be found in the app descriptions:

[appbox appstore id1243410543]

[appbox appstore id1080840241]

[appbox appstore id966632553]

[appbox appstore id393858566]

[appbox appstore id1083868334]

[appbox appstore id414419105]

[appbox appstore id845960230]

[appbox appstore id1199070742]

[appbox appstore id414834813]

[appbox appstore id1321953436]

[appbox appstore id1058865665]



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