Podcast Episode #009 – Week 20/2023 (Leakers)

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Here you can find episode #009 of the Sir Apfelot Newsreel Podcasts, which covers the news of calendar week 20/2023. In this podcast episode we have a guide on how to display your own text on the Mac lock screen starting with macOS 13 Ventura. There is also a Mac trick how you can open an app multiple times to use it in multiple windows. We also explain how you can block chatGPT from accessing the content of your website and how Apple locates internal leak sources. We also give an overview of the new accessibility features that Apple has introduced for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

The newsreel covers these topics: it's about climate protection from orbit with satellites that are supposed to detect methane sources, and about Google, which will delete old accounts from December 2023. We also take a look at the redesigned Apple Support app in version 5.0 and report on Apple's securing of the "xrOS" wordmark. Listen in to find out all the details!

Our Apple podcast has finally made it to Apple Podcasts.
The Sir Apfelot Podcast can also be found on Apple Podcasts in the Technology section.

Content of this podcast episode


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Newsreel topics

  • Climate protection from orbit: satellite to locate methane sources
  • Google will delete old accounts from December 2023
  • Macworld points to Apple's account elimination policy
  • Burda-Verlag publishes recipe booklet with unmarked AI content
  • From 2025, chips with 2nm architecture are to be manufactured at TSMC
  • Interesting stories in the Apple Newsroom
  • Apple Support app in version 5.0 redesigned and more helpful
  • Apple secures the "xrOS" word mark through a shell company
  • click here for the newsreel blog post

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