New trend: PopSockets® - pull-out, reusable smartphone holding aid

Under the names PopSockets® or PopSocket ™ there are holders, or better: holding aids, for smartphones and tablets to buy. Because where the trend 15 years ago led to ever smaller cell phone models, smartphones are now becoming phablets that you can no longer hold properly in one hand. The products from PopSockets® offer help. These are available in many different colors and designsso that there should be something for everyone. Details on iPhone accessories and how they work can be found below.

New trend for 2019: PopSockets® for smartphones and tablets. The bracket can be compressed and extended if necessary.
New trend for 2019: PopSockets® for smartphones and tablets. The bracket can be compressed and extended if necessary.

What are PopSockets®?

PopSockets® are the names of the products from the manufacturer of the same name, PopSockets®. I use the R and TM symbols to be on the safe side, because some companies quickly threaten legal action if their trademark notices are ignored - even if they are annoying. Be that as it may, at least the PopSocket ™ articles, which can be ordered in individually selectable colors and designs, seem to be doing their job as smartphone accessories. They are glued to the back of the device and can be pressed together when not in use. For use, they can be unfolded thanks to their telescopic design and serve as a holder between the fingers. But they can also be used as a set-up aid.

PopSockets - Extendable (not interchangeable) base and handle for smartphone and tablet - Peace ...
  • Pulling out, setting up, holding, folding and all over again - popsockets are simply ingenious to ...
  • Suitable for all smartphones, tablets, iPod, Kindle, Nintendo and many other devices
  • With a popsockets your headphones are neatly stowed and always at hand

Attach and remove the PopSocket (video)

Here I have a short one for you Video built-in, which shows how to prepare the phone or its case, attach the holder and finally use it. It also shows how well the glue holds. According to the manufacturer PopSockets®, it sticks to pretty much any smooth surface (except for some silicone covers and textured surfaces), is washable and reusable.

The trend for 2019!

I've seen some of these PopSockets® pieces in action, both in videos and in real life, and I think they're going to get a whole lot more popular. Whether it's Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or the comparatively cheap Xiaomi cell phone - smartphones will not be cheaper in 2019 either, but rather more expensive. Accordingly, you want to drop them even less, but at the same time use them more often. Ergo you need a PopSockets® holder. The articles help you hold your smartphone, tablet or handheld console better in your hand. Especially for the selfie generation, this is a good accessory, along with a protective film and Light shell. Shipping is also fast when purchased via Amazon Prime.

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2 comments on “New trend: PopSockets® – Extendable, reusable smartphone holder”

  1. The relief in handling this gimmick doesn't make sense to me directly. Not only serving covers, but now also pushing something open and closed? In my opinion, fun only serves consumption and object loyalty and is a waste of material, waste production. Ergo superfluous.

    But I have a specific question about unknown tools for my iPhone that I could actually use:
    In order to photograph my work horizontally from above with the mobile phone, without additionally dancing around on a ladder and throwing shadows myself, I would need a sensible device to store the mobile phone horizontally and easily to remove it and to release it without wobbling. If possible still adjustable in height. Depending on the size of the works, I need a distance of at least 1 m from the table.
    Do you have a hint for me?

    1. Hello! Yes, with the Popsockets you can certainly argue about the benefits. I couldn't use it because I always have my Quadlock case on the iPhone, which cannot be glued to the back.

      But to your question: yes, there is a possibility. I looked for it myself a few months ago and then came across a special tripod and a good iPhone holder with a tripod thread. The iPhone is secure in the holder, but it can also be easily removed.

      Here are the links to the two products:
      - ZOMEi M8 tripod, where you can convert an arm at the top as a cantilever
      - Zecti smartphone holder with tripod thread and ball head

      I think this will get the photos taken well. Without doing gymnastics on a ladder. : D

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