[Update] Connect the power cable - from the luster terminal to the watertight connection sleeve

Carelessness when mowing the lawn, bored cats, hungry rodents, a broken cable or other reasons: sometimes it is necessary to repair a cable. If you want to connect two power cables after you have removed the damaged piece in between, then there are several options. In the following you will find the right help for different types of cables, devices and applications. To be on the safe side, please note: before you repair your power cable and connect it with tools, pull the plug from the socket

Reconnect broken power cables, repair a broken cable or completely remove power conductors eaten by animals - you will find the right solution here!

Reconnect broken power cables, repair a broken cable or completely remove power conductors eaten by animals - you will find the right solution here!

[UPDATE] Terms and safety when working with electricity

This paragraph is an update of the actual article. The reader Florian pointed out, of course correctly in terms of content, but somewhat formally, that there were some ambiguities. So here are a few preliminary remarks so that all misunderstandings are eliminated:

  1. Of course, you connect the power lines (metal) and not the complete cables (including sheathing) with one another
  2. Therefore, crimp before connecting with appropriate pliers the wires free and the insulation / sheathing removed along the length of the connection
  3. Working with electricity or tinkering with electrical conductors is not for laypeople; Prior knowledge, caution and possibly control by a specialist are advisable

I took these three points for granted when I wrote the article. That's why they fell out. Apparently they have to be mentioned again explicitly. But I believe in the common sense in the readers of this blog and in the fact that they paid enough attention in physics class not to screw up. [END OF UPDATE]

Power cables connect with luster terminal and screwdriver

The good, old luster terminal should be familiar to every do-it-yourselfer. Beginners in the home craftsmanship are certainly familiar with this type of power cable connection from their ceiling lamps. The ceiling lamp is usually connected to the cable coming from the ceiling with a 3-wire clamp. When it comes to choosing a cable joint for repairing power cables, there is a fair choice for all types of cables and uses; of very easily until diverse and sorted.

UNITEC luster terminal 10 pieces | 12 pin | can be used up to 380 volts | 1,5-2,5 mm² | transparent
  • APPLICATION: Simple conductor introduction through years of optimization. The ladder can be easily ...
  • TWIST N PULL: With "twist 'n pull" the required terminals can be reduced from the entire terminal strip
  • FLEXIBLE: The connection terminals are made of polypropylene and are particularly flexible so that they can be easily processed ...
Fixpoint 44825 luster terminal with operating lever, 16 A, transparent (5 pieces)
  • Luster terminal, transparent
  • with operating lever
  • max.current load 16 A
ViD® plug-in terminal assortment 200 pieces of the 2073 series 0,5-2,5 mm² VDE and ENEC10
  • 50 x 2 - pin terminals
  • 80 x 3 - pin terminals
  • 15 x 4 - pin terminals

Push-in terminal - repair cables without a screwdriver

A plug-in terminal for repairing a cable has practical levers that trigger a clamping mechanism. This replaces the screwing in and out of a luster terminal. This solution for broken cables, gnawed cables and ladders run over by the electric lawn mower is also available in various designs. But be careful: here too there are often only packages with several items (up to 50 pieces). Various manufacturers offer the choice between 2-wire, 3-wire and 5-wire terminals. You can find examples here and here .

WAGO® terminal, 3-wire, 4 mm², connecting terminals with lever, 221-413 (50 pieces)
  • Connection of all types of conductors even without pretreatment
  • Individually mixable conductor cross-sections and types
  • Easy and tool-free handling thanks to lever
WAGO® terminal, 3-wire up to, 4 mm², connecting terminal with lever, 222-413 (50 pieces), gray
  • Connection of all types of conductors even without pretreatment
  • Individually mixable conductor cross-sections and types
  • Easy and tool-free handling thanks to lever

Cable connection with water protection: crimp connector with shrink tubing

There are several names for this way of connecting power cables; Crimp connector with heat shrink tubing, solder connector, shrink connector, and so on. It is important to know here that one of these connections is used per cable. With three individual cables, you need three connectors per break or cut. But that doesn't matter, because these are also included in the set. In addition to commercially available pliers, there is also a Crimping Tool at. The pieces of tubing are shrunk by the action of heat from a hair dryer, hot air gun (be careful!), Etc. Recommended these models.

KASTEWILL 225 pcs 10-22 AWG Insulated Cable Connector Butt Connector Shrink Connector Cable Lugs ...
  • High quality: compliance with all relevant European standards, shrink ratio: 3: 1, external hard shrink tubing ...
  • Large quantity: Up to 225pcs per box, this has 3 colors, red, blue, yellow; and that has 3 size, suitable for 0,5 ...
  • Waterproof: double-walled design, polyolefin tubing on the outside and hot-melt adhesive on the inside. After the heat has shrunk ...

Cable for outside - clamp and connection sleeve for safe use

While the first two solutions for repairing broken power cables have to be built in somewhere or additionally insulated, the third approach is safer. Especially if you want to connect a cable for outdoor use - for example with an electric lawn mower - then this fourth option is completely right for you. In addition to a 3-wire terminal, there is also an IP68 waterproof, dustproof, weatherproof and flame-proof sleeve that covers the cable connection. You can also take a picture do here.

Junction box waterproof junction box junction box cable connector external electrics M20 ...
  • 【High-quality materials】 The junction box is made of high-strength ABS and high-quality PA66 plastic. She rips ...
  • 【Professional IP68 waterproof】 Due to the protection of the silicone sealing ring, our junction boxes can be a super ...
  • 【Easy to install and without tools Clever design】 This junction box offers you a new ...
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  1. Florian says:

    So 1.
    Is it power lines and not cables.
    2. YOU DON'T JUST PLUG FLEXIBLE CABLES INTO CHANDELIER TERMINALS !! If at all you crimp the wires with others to reveal.
    3. A layperson should NEVER do anything himself when it comes to electricity, as the smallest mistake can be fatal.

    Absolutely technically incorrect and irresponsible article!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Florian,

      thank you for your criticism. I took the points you mentioned as given and therefore unfortunately neglected them in the first version of the article. They are now included. The synonymous use of power lines and cables is due to the vernacular that shaped the content.

      Best wishes!

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