AUKEY Powerbank with 30.000 mAh, 5 V and 2,4 A - can the battery be carried on the plane with hand luggage?

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So here you have another article about one Power bank with tremendous capacity for mobile devices such as iPhone, Android smartphones, tablets and the like. However, believe it or not, it is worth it with this power bank 30.000 mAh to go into detail. On the one hand, it is important to consider that the reviews on Amazon are quite good and so the part seems to keep what it promises. On the other hand, the question arises for all travelers (and that will affect me again soon): can you take a power bank with this capacity as hand luggage on the plane?

The AUKEY power bank with 30.000 mAh is ideal for keeping mobile devices alive for several days with average use when on the move. But can this external battery be carried in hand luggage on the plane? Product image: Amazon

The AUKEY Powerbank with 30.000 mAh is ideal for keeping mobile devices alive for several days / weeks with average usage. But can this external battery be carried in hand luggage on the plane? Product picture: Amazon

Data sheet and functions of the AUKEY Powerbank PB-T11-TYUK

This AUKEY power bank is particularly interesting for users of Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad. There are two options for charging the external battery: either via micro USB or via a Lightning port. The latter can be operated with the iPhone's cable. So you don't have to carry so many cables with you on the way. The power output is only realized via the two USB-A sockets.

The power bank has an intelligent capacity display and other great features. Read below whether it has too much power (or too many watt hours) for the aircraft hand luggage. Product picture: Amazon

The power bank has an intelligent capacity display and other great features. Read below to see if it has too much power (or too many watt hours) for the aircraft hand luggage. Product image: Amazon

Here are a few important technical data about the power bank at a glance:

  • 30.000 mAh power (charges the iPhone 6 16,5 times; the iPhone 6 Plus ten times; the iPhone 6s 17 times; and the iPhone 6s Plus not quite eleven times; iPhone 7: 15 times; iPhone 7 plus: ten times)
  • Energy output via AiPower: 5 V with 2,4 A. (good for quick charge iPhone)
  • supports Quick Charge 3.0 and Quick Charge 2.0 (good for Android / Qualcomm devices)
  • Simultaneous, intelligent charging of two different devices possible
  • Is even charged via micro USB or Lightning connector
  • Power button shows capacity: white shows over 70%; Green shows 30 to 70%; Red shows below 30%
  • Integrated LED flashlight
  • Scope of delivery: AUKEY 30000mAh power bank, 20 cm USB-A to USB-C cable, operating instructions, warranty card

Buy AUKEY Powerbank with 30.000 mAh from Amazon

If you want to buy this external battery with extra power on the watch online, you can do it on Amazon. There are currently 30 reviews, 29 of which bring a full 5 stars! Some extensive with further technical data and pictures of the product / scope of delivery are also included. However, if you are going to be traveling by plane in the near future, you should read this article to the end before ordering.

Take the power bank with you on the plane as hand luggage: which one is allowed to fly?

These don't. Unfortunately. The AUKEY 30000mAh power bank Heard, so my research is not fooled, not in hand luggage. Lithium batteries have no place in the hold luggage either; there were probably a few too many incidents. If in doubt, you should inquire with the airline you are flying with. Here I want to show you briefly what I found out - and where it all stands.

  • Information of the International Air Transport Association (IATA): Source
  • Conversion of capacity and power output to Watt hours (wh): Source Wikipedia, Source online converter
  • Permitted / prohibited hand baggage of the British Airways as an an example: Source

Summary of the statements about the power bank in hand luggage

With the sources given, you can put together the following facts: No external batteries over 2 g lithium (sometimes up to 8 g) may be carried in hand luggage. The batteries must not have more than 100 Wh; According to IATA, batteries with 1,5 g lithium may only have 20 Wh. In short: there are very specific restrictions for replacement or additional electricity carriers for mobile devices.

Now we come to the AUKEY Powerbank: If we assume 30.000 mAh and a voltage of 5 V, then we get 150 Wh when converting. But 150 watt hours are not allowed with batteries carried in hand luggage. In short: this little energy miracle has to stay at home. Unless the airline has special regulations and you can get an extra permit after contacting us before the flight. I think that this could be difficult for private or business travelers. Special permits are usually only valid for medical equipment or if a film crew, etc. flies with their equipment.

Conclusion on the topic

The external battery for smartphones and tablets described here is top notch and can quickly and repeatedly revive the corresponding mobile devices with just one charge. When camping, on a road trip, on a motorcycle excursion, on a train or bus trip, in a canoe or on a bike, you are also wonderful on the move. However, you should inform yourself particularly well and, if necessary, obtain a special permit if you want to fly with this AUKEY power bank in hand luggage (or even in checked luggage).

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  1. Richard G says:

    Since the internally used Li-ion cells have a voltage of approx. 3,7V, the calculation should result in 111Wh. This also coincides with the information on the power bank. This means that the power bank can be carried in hand luggage with the airline's approval. I did this myself in December 2016 while flying to New Zealand with Qantas. Apply for a permit prior to travel and present the printed document at check-in. There were no problems, the power bank didn't even have to be shown. Even the fact that the first flight was operated by Emirates did not cause any problems.
    About the power bank itself, it is simply worth gold in our campervan here in New Zealand. We charge them while driving via a small 230V car inverter for the 12V socket. This one happens to be from Aukey and offers an additional 2,1A USB charging socket. With the power bank we can then charge all batteries when we are standing.

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Richard,
      Thank you for the additions to the article and the vivid impressions of the AUKEY gadgets! :)
      I'm currently also looking for the right power bank for the upcoming New Zealand trip. This information certainly helps me further myself. I hope that interested readers will also get some help from your comment.

    • sir appleot says:

      Halllo Richard! Thank you for your experience! Which Aukey inverter do you use? This one here with 150W? Or a larger model? I think Aukey's products are really well made. I've only had good experiences with it so far.

  2. ferrite says:

    The fact is
    According to the manufacturer's website, the PB-T11 does not have 30000mAh, but 26500mAh.
    Since the 26500mAh refers to the internal 3,7 volt cells, you can calculate as follows.
    3,7V * 26500mAh = 98,05Wh
    With a regulation of up to 100Wh, this power bank can be carried along.

    If you still have the said power bank somewhere then look at it on the back there is also written on it.

    Best regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Ferit! Thank you for your hint. In fact, the website says it is 26.500 mAh. That's interesting, because the power bank is advertised on Amazon with 30.000 mAh. That could almost be classified as a consumer deception. ;-) I would say that your calculations are correct and that you are below 100 Wh. So the power bank can take you on the plane - but I can't guarantee it. If Aukey still needed a 30.000 mAh model on the market, which is also called the PB-T11, we could both be wrong. VG!

  3. VPNUSER says:

    Hi all,
    I also bought a PB-T11. It has been plugged into the socket for over 12 hours and is still not fully charged. Can someone tell me, is this normal or is the part defective.
    In addition: The calculations by Ferit are correct, because the power bank has 98,05 Wh.

    • sir appleot says:

      I would say that's normal. I have power banks with less mAh and they have been charging for over 10 hours. So apparently a normal value.

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