PowerCube multiple socket with USB charger (2 USB ports)

Multiple socket, USB connection as USB charger Schukodose distributor PowerCube

If you are looking for a handy distributor for the socket, which conveniently has USB ports on board, the PowerCube be a solution as a compact multiple socket. The small cube with four Schuko sockets and two USB connections can be used as a junction box and as a USB charger. What should be considered when using the device from allocacoc, what advantages and disadvantages can be expected and what alternatives there are, that should be clarified in this article.

PowerCube multiple socket with USB connections, USB connection as USB charger to Schuko distributor Power Cube

allocacoc PowerCube multiple socket with USB charger

The small cube ensures order and sufficient connections, especially where there is little space for tangled cables. Many reviews on Amazon describe the use of the PowerCube in the kitchen or, for example, in old buildings that have few sockets. In addition to the PowerCube with USB ports By the way, there is also a cube that a total of five Schuko sockets brings along, but no integrated USB charger. Both of them positively emphasize that the little block is also ideal for traveling. Either as a direct distributor or as an increase in sockets on the adapter.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the distributor

The advantages are obvious: You get more connections for different devices and two USB ports so that no power socket is used when charging a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the price is reasonable and the possible applications are versatile. Between the advantages and disadvantages, I would settle the current strength of the USB ports, which is 2,1A. This is okay if you look at other devices with only 1A or the like - but the ideal value would be 2,4A so that the iPhone and iPad can be charged quickly.

I would also not see the weight as a disadvantage per se. At around 280 grams, it is not recommended to plug the PowerCube directly into a wall socket, especially in connection with other cubes. Especially since you have to see the mass of the plugged in next to the dead weight. On the product page there is also the note that you can assemble several PowerCube cubes to form a “socket castle”. Certainly possible in terms of design; however, every electrician would advise against combining too many distributors one after the other. In addition, connected PowerCube distributors should never be plugged into the wall socket, it will be much too difficult.

Conclusion and alternatives

As a single device, the PowerCube from allocacoc is quite practical and conceivable for many areas of application. But I would not combine too many of these little helpers (in a row). Used individually at one socket, several of these cube-shaped distributors can also be worthwhile.

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