PowerPoint karaoke

Who does not know all these unspeakable Powerpoint presentations, with which you as a viewer are to be prevented from falling into a deep 45-minute sleep on the spot. But just as bad as the presentations are, just as funny are the things you can do with them. Keyword: Powerpoint karaoke! This party idea arose in 2006 as a spinning mill, which was founded by a GbR called "Central Intelligence Agency" - which of course has nothing to do with the CIA ... it's just called that. :)

The idea behind the matter is as follows: At an event there are some people who like to give presentations and have a certain amount of humor. These then compete against each other and have to give a Powerpoint presentation that is unknown to them. So everyone gets a - as meaningless as possible - PPT file tied to their leg and must now spontaneously lead from slide to slide and convincingly convey to the viewers what the slide wants to convey to them. The audience then finally decides who has mastered the matter best.

Preparation: The search for PowerPoint files ...

If you want to spice up an event with Powerpoint karaoke yourself, you must of course first have a few Powerpoint presentations. You can find these with Google. The search engine kindly offers an extended function with which you can find certain file types. To do this, enter "filetype: ppt" in the search field. If you want something more relevant, you can add a search term after a space: "filetype: ppt meat sausage", for example, brings you interesting PPT files for carnivores.

Videos and link tips: Powerpoint karaoke from professionals

Although this form of karaoke has only existed since 2006, very impressive talents have already shown up. As illustrative material, I would like to embed some videos here that were recorded, for example, at the CCC Congress or other events.

Powerpoint Karaoke BCC3 from Mirco Wilhelm on Vimeo.



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