Adobe alternatives: replacement for Premiere Pro (and partly After Effects)

If you want to edit videos and enhance them with editing, color correction, effects, transitions, titles and more, you may end up with the Adobe app “Premiere Pro”. “After Effects” may even be used for motion graphics, effects and more specialized editing. But what if you don’t want to continue your Adobe subscription to Creative Cloud? Or if you want to use a cheaper or completely free Premiere Pro alternative right from the start? Well then the following list will be helpful. Here you will find various apps for video editing, not only for the Apple Mac, but also for Windows and Linux.

Are you looking for an Adobe Premiere Pro alternative? Here you will find some free apps for video editing as well as effects and motion graphics. There are also a few paid apps included.
Are you looking for an Adobe Premiere Pro alternative? Here you will find some free apps for video editing as well as effects and motion graphics. There are also a few paid apps included.

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Note: Adobe alternatives are not 1:1 clones

Before we get to the list of Premiere Pro and After Effects alternatives, an important note: Don't expect the programs shown to have the same user interface or the exact same tools, effects and workflows as their Adobe counterparts. Even if the following apps are well suited for many applications, you have to familiarize yourself with their use on the one hand and perhaps have to accept a smaller range of functions on the other. Personally, I am e.g. B. switched from After Effects to DaVinci Resolve and initially struggled with the interface. However, a smooth workflow has now emerged. So you need a little patience, especially when making the switch.

Premiere Pro Alternatives: Paid and free apps apart from Adobe

  • DaVinci Resolve: I have DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design I recently wrote a detailed post. Since then I have used the program a few times and can definitely speak positively about it. You do have to do a bit of training if you work with multiple video and audio tracks, want to record audio within the program and also want to conjure up graphic effects. But thanks to the extensive manual, the numerous online tutorials and the interface that becomes easier to use over time, you can achieve useful results quite quickly. In addition to the free version, there is a more extensive version for €329. Available for Mac, Windows PC and Linux machine.
  • Shotcut: I haven't tried Shotcut myself yet. However, I have read quite positive reviews here and there about the free open source software. They are available for Apple computers with Intel CPUs and for models with Apple Silicon (M-Chip). You can also use Shotcut on Windows and Linux. It's possible to use multiple tracks, keyframes for effects, a media library for quickly inserting clips and sounds, and much more. Tools like motion tracking ensure that you don't just get a small editing tool, but can also use Shotcut to realize more complex projects. I will definitely take a closer look at the app in the future.
  • Kdenlive: Kdenlive is also a free open source video editor. Version 24 of the app is currently available, which shows that work is constantly being done on it. Kdenlive not only comes with numerous features, effects and editing tools, but also support for many different formats and codecs; including ProRes, H.264, HDV, Divx, QuickTime and more. Working with effects and keyframes is possible to create more professional projects. The integration of online templates and add-ons is also possible. In addition to the website in general, the online manual in particular is also available in German. Kdenlive is another app that I want to take a closer look at in the future.
  • olive video editor: Olive has been around since 2018, but the developers still only offer the app as an alpha version or prototype. The extensively usable and customizable open source software should therefore first be tested before it is used for larger and important projects. Quickly editing and cutting a holiday video shouldn't be a problem for the first test. If you want to give Olive a chance and try out video editing with this software, you can do so on macOS as well as on Windows and Linux. On the linked website there is also some information and tips on the scope of functions and usage.
  • More apps for macOS: Not to be forgotten, of course, are Apple's own offerings for macOS on the MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio, Mac Pro and the like. On the one hand there would be the free iMovie app, which doesn't come close to the functionality of Premiere Pro, but can be sufficient for simple editing projects. On the other hand, Apple offers the paid Final Cut Pro app which is definitely aimed at professional users. There are effects, transitions, animations, a variety of video and audio tools, motion tracking and motion graphics, collaboration tools, and much more.
  • More apps for Windows: A few other programs that have been around for a long time and that will be particularly familiar to those who edit videos on Windows PCs are VEGAS Pro, Video Pro X and Video Deluxe from MAGIX Software GmbH. You can find them among other things via the MAGIX website, from which you can download a demo version of all the apps offered to try out. However, the full versions for permanent use are subject to a charge. In addition to a one-time purchase, a subscription model is also offered. Details about the functions of the individual programs as well as a comparison of the different offers can be found along with further information on the linked website.

Your recommendations for video editing?

Which of the above (not) mentioned apps can you recommend for video editing, post-production and creating impressive effects? Feel free to leave a comment with your tip, regardless of whether it's an offer for macOS, Windows or Linux. Because it should be possible to edit videos and create impressive films on all operating systems.

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