Pro verdict: iFixit reviews Apple's MacBook repair guide

The repair professionals at iFixit have selected one of the new 14-inch MacBook Pro models with M2 per chip grabbed and looked inside. At first glance it was already clear that compared to Previous model from 2021 no major changes were made apart from the logic board update. Therefore, the official repair manual for this model was taken and tested. There was definitely praise for the extensive descriptions and tips as well as for the hints that are attached to some individual steps. But there was also criticism. Overall, the new MacBook Pro received a repairability rating of 5/10.

Image Source: YouTube / iFixit
Image Source: YouTube / iFixit

Over 160 pages of Apple's MacBook repair guide

While classic iFixit instructions are mostly manageable and can be scrolled through and read in a few minutes, Apple relies on numerous warnings, the description of every small step and other details. The instructions for disassembling the MacBook Pro with a 14-inch display from 2021 therefore have more than 160 pages. You will find the PDF file with this link. 

The initial warnings are followed by a schematic view of all removable components and a list of them. The next three pages serve to show all the different screws. Followed by four pages of tools. A total of 25 pages deal with the keys of the keyboard. And so forth…

"Old" repair manual can be used on the new MacBook

As mentioned above, iFixit used the 2021 MacBook disassembly guide to try Apple's step-by-step method on the 2023 model. That worked well and there was praise for the individual steps, their explanations and the helpful hints that were repeatedly interspersed in the document linked above. 

After all, iFixit was created two decades ago because Apple didn't want to publish its repair guides. But just having them available is not enough. Because that's how it will be in the corresponding video said, due to the component and partial serial number compulsion, you are still completely within the Apple ecosystem. If spare parts and software updates are no longer offered for devices, then you can no longer do anything for them.

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