Forbid web access to iCloud: This is how you only access it via your own devices

You can access your iCloud storage and the associated services either from your Apple devices that are connected to the online storage via the respective Apple ID. Or you can use the website to use the files and data stored in iCloud after logging in with your Apple ID. If you do not believe in the latter method or if you think that an unauthorized person is using you Web browser could access your cloud storage, then web access can also be prohibited. In this guide I will show you how this works on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Here's how to set your iCloud data to only be accessible on your Apple devices. The setting prevents you from being able to sign in to with your Apple ID.
Here's how to set your iCloud data to only be accessible on your Apple devices. The setting prevents you from being able to sign in to with your Apple ID.

Preliminary consideration: These operating systems are necessary

In order to be able to ban web access to the iCloud, you not only need the device mentioned above, but also the most up-to-date operating system possible. Because Apple only included the option of manually (de)activating Internet access to cloud data via at the end of 2022. With these versions of the individual systems, the possibility was built into the respective settings:

Manage iCloud web access on the Apple device

Whether you're using the Apple Mac's System Preferences with macOS or the Settings app on iOS or iPadOS mobile devices, the path is the same. So if you want to disable or re-enable web browser access to your iCloud, you can do so with these simple steps:

  1. Opens the Settings to iPhone or iPad 
  2. Alternatively: Open the Apple logo at the top left System Settings on Mac
  3. Now tap or click your name / your photo
  4. Select the item from the following menu iCloud from
  5. Scroll down and use the slider "Access iCloud data over the Internet"

Access iCloud data over the Internet: meaning of the setting in detail

If you are still not sure which setting you should make, then I have a few more explanations on the subject ready for you. This is what the two options you can select in the location shown above on Mac, iPhone and iPad mean:

  • Function activated (slider is green or blue): You can log in to with your Apple ID (email address and password) to check e-mails, view files stored in iCloud Drive, use iWork programs, and look at the calendar , Etc.
  • Feature disabled (slider is greyed out): You can only access individual content on the devices where you are signed in with your Apple ID. Logging in via the web browser is not possible there or on any other computer, tablet or smartphone.

Info from Apple Support: Here

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